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Cubs Receive Approval to Build Sportsbook Next to Wrigley Field

As the sports-betting industry booms, the Chicago Cubs received approval to build a two-story sportsbook adjacent to Wrigley Field.
Chicago Cubs Sportsbook

Photo: Crain's Chicago Business

The sports betting industry is growing exponentially, and it will now be even more apparent on the North Side of Chicago. The Chicago Cubs have received approval from The Commission on Chicago Landmarks to build a two-story sportsbook that will be adjacent to Wrigley Field.

The Commission unanimously voted yesterday to allow the Cubs to build the sportsbook, which will take at least one year to construct. It will be built near the southeast corner of the stadium.

"While the game of baseball has largely been the same for the last 150 years, the fans have changed. The way they consume baseball is different through emerging technology and content platforms," the Cubs said in their statement. "Sports wagering is becoming a big part of that change and this sportsbook will allow us to connect fans to the game in new ways."

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The Cubs partnered with DraftKings in 2020 and the two parties agreed to build a sportsbook together. It will be one of the first sportsbooks located at a professional sports stadium in the United States.