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Consistency: Every Team Needs an Alec Mills

Alec Mills has been the king of consistency for the Cubs in 2021, and you should be excited for him to be in a Cubs uniform going forward.
Chicago Cubs

Photo: Rich Biesterfeld/Clarksville Now

Chicago Cubs pitcher Alec Mills has thrown 72.1 innings so far in 2021, and has been the king of consistency for a team that is in desperate need of it. Every team needs a guy like Alec Mills because he might be one of the best back of the rotation arms in the league. Whether you think that is bold or not, nothing Mills does is going to jump out at you. However, the numbers back it up.

For the 2021 season, Mills has a 4.27 ERA with 12 appearances out of the bullpen and 11 starts. In his 11 starts, he has pitched to an ERA of 3.46, and hasn't given up more than three earned runs in any start this season. In his Cubs career, Mills has made 28 starts with an ERA of 3.85.

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He isn't going to strike out a ton of batters or blow a fastball by you more than once, but he has a 54.2% ground ball rate and the fly balls he does allow only turn into home runs 13% of the time. Those numbers are a great combination that allows for consistency like Mills is giving the Cubs this season. Everything he does is repeatable, and likely won't fade away quickly as he gets older. He doesn't have a big fastball or funky motion, so I expect Mills to be able to sustain this level of success.

Mills won't hit free agency until 2026, and is pre-arbitration until 2023. All of the above are very good reasons to be excited for Alec Mills in a Cubs uniform. He is going to be a cheap and effective rotation arm, and because of his low salary, that money can be used to bring in more players via free agency.