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Cubs: Even the Trade Deadline Can't Take That Win Away

A Cubs walk-off, comeback win is just what the doctor ordered to start the week of the trade deadline.
Chicago Cubs

Baez Walk-off

Wow, what a win that was! On the last Monday before the trade deadline where the Chicago Cubs are undoubtedly sellers, Willson Contreras and Javier Baez propelled the Cubs to an unforgettable comeback win against the Cincinnati Reds.

To set the scene a little, Baez wasn't in the starting lineup for Monday's game due to a sore heel from a base running play on Sunday night. It wasn't until the bottom of the ninth in a tie game that Baez was called on to try to end it against Reds pitcher Amir Garrett.

If you've been following the Cubs in 2021, you know about the feud between Amir Garrett and Javy Baez. The feud started with a benches clearing incident in late April. Garrett struck out Anthony Rizzo and was very animated afterwards which struck a cord with Baez. Baez was held back by a player from the Reds dugout and very easily seen giving Amir Garrett the middle finger and some choice words not appropriate for television.

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Fast forward to Monday July 26. Javy is called on to pinch hit in the ninth inning with the bases loaded in a tied 5-5 game. As if Cubs fans needed any more than that to get excited for, Garrett is called on to try and escape the jam.

It took only one pitch for Baez to rock one into deep center for a walk-off single that he milked all the way to first base while making sure Amir Garrett knew what he just did.

On a night that Cubs fan favorite Andrew Chafin was traded, this was a great way to help everybody move past that and feel good about the game. In addition, it makes it easier to accept the haul the Cubs were able to bring back for Chafin.

I will be rewatching this clip any and every chance I get for the next week as we get closer to Friday. Unfortunately, the Cubs are likely parting ways with some of the guys I've spent a lot of time rooting for, so Monday was a needed win.

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