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MLB Suspends Cubs' Keegan Thompson, David Ross for Incident vs. Brewers

MLB handed down suspensions to Keegan Thompson and David Ross for Saturday's incident.
Keegan Thompson Benches Clear Cubs Brewers Andrew McCutchen

Photo: Amartinez_11/Twitter

MLB has suspended Chicago Cubs' right-handed pitcher Keegan Thompson for intentionally throwing at Andrew McCutchen during Saturday’s game against the Brewers. Additionally, manager David Ross automatically received a one-game ban for the incident.

The lead-up to what happened during Saturday’s game is worth mentioning. In each of the first two games, Willson Contreras was hit by a pitch, once by Jake Cousins during the opener and once by Brandon Woodruff earlier in Saturday’s game. The Brewers have hit Contreras 15 times, making up roughly 25 percent of his total HBPs.

Then, in the seventh inning, Ian Happ was struck on his knee by a slider from Trevor Gott. Happ had to leave the game in a world of pain. Keegan Thompson then plunked Andrew McCutchen on his rear in the top of the eighth inning. The Brewers' veteran wasn’t happy, and benches cleared. Home plate umpire Lance Barksdale ejected Thompson.

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Whether the Brewers have been intentionally throwing at Contreras or other Chicago batters doesn’t mean anything to the Cubs. Enough is enough. I think it’s safe to say the Cubs feel like they need to pitch better or not pitch inside at all, especially because Contreras has moved off the plate from years past and continues to get plunked.

That said, the Cubs shouldn’t be throwing at the Brewers. Thompson claimed he was only “working on his two-seam, and it got away from him,” according to Sahadev Sharma of The Athletic.

No matter the reasoning behind the situation, Keegan Thompson now has a three-game suspension.