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Cubs, MLB 2020 Schedule Released

The Cubs 2020 schedule has been released.

The moment that every single baseball fan has been waiting for has finally come, the 2020 MLB official schedule has been released. It is a 60 game sprint with the Cubs starting the season at home against the Milwaukee Brewers for a three-game series.

For most out there this pandemic has wreaked havoc and baseball has not been exempt. This has been a very unpredictable time dealing with the virus and baseball is far from being done with it. No one can say with certainty that the entire 60 games will be played without any hiccups.

What to Like For the Cubs

In the past, a lot of people have said that the Cubs are built for a short season. They come out of the gate hot but are not much for stamina. We have seen this in the past seasons with this group. With it being a 60 game season it definitely raises the question of "Do the Cubs have an advantage". It is hard to say, especially when you factor in the time that we are in right now. There are many variables that will go into the season that is not even baseball-related that the players and teams will have to battle while remaining competitive in an intense regular-season race to playoffs.

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What Not to Like For the Cubs

In a shortened season 40 out of the 60 games are against division opponents. The Cubs have had their struggles against division opponents throughout the last couple of seasons, as the fans know all to well. Now, they have to contend with the Brewers, Reds, Cardinals, and Pirates in 66% of the season. If they want to be able to play deep, it is imperative that they take care of division opponents.

2020 Season Here We Come

So, Cubs fans lets fire up that grill, crack a cold one, and get ready for an intense 60 game race to the playoffs. This could be one of the most emotional, hard fought, memorable seasons of all time. As Cubs fans ready to fire up the grill and crack a cold one, it's time to get excited.