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Field of Dreams Game 7th Inning Stretch Features Harry Caray Hologram

Tonight's Field of Dreams game should be interesting as the seventh inning stretch might cause hysteria.

"Tonight, you'll see a 7th inning stretch that could only happen with the magic of the Field of Dreams," MLB On Fox tweeted this afternoon. What that means exactly is anyone's guess, but the account used an animated picture of the late great Chicago Cubs' announcer Harry Caray to accompany the message.

Well, we might know what that means. As Timothy Burke hinted on Tuesday, it's possibly a reanimated Harry Caray in hologram form. "Someone who has seen the footage says it is 'unconvincing' and possibly 'offensive,'" Burke added.

That's not exactly a ringing endorsement. On the surface, making the legendary Harry Caray a part of such a special night sounds like a good idea. However, this could potentially wind up horribly wrong. Caray is well-known as the voice who sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and made it famous. The former Cubs' broadcaster passed away prior to the 1998 season, 24 years ago.

Harry Caray in hologram form? The field and surrounding theatrics already in place for the Field of Dreams game between the Cubs and Reds should be enough to catch fans' attention. If you're Fox Sports, why take the risk on anything that could come off as potentially disrespectful? If the game sucks, at least we might have some unwanted entertainment in the 7th inning.

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Be prepared to see something outrageous. This has tire fire written all over it.

Special thanks to Rob Cassidy for kindly preparing Fox's postgame apology statement. Nonetheless, the players seem excited to be in Dyersville, Iowa, to play in the Field of Dreams game.

UPDATE - 8/11/22, 8:50 PM CT - A hologram Harry Caray did indeed sing the 7th inning stretch.

Harry Caray Hologram Field of Dreams Game 7th Inning Stretch

Photo: FOX