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Former Cubs Pitcher Kyle Farnsworth Unrecognizable After Body Transformation

Farnsworth is unrecognizable as a bodybuilder.
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Chicago Cubs pitcher Kyle Farnsworth body transformation

Photo: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Former Chicago Cubs pitcher, Kyle Farnsworth, was always a fantastic athlete. At 6-foot-4 and over 230 pounds, Farnsworth was a towering and menacing figure on the bump. He always had incredible athleticism and has been retired from MLB since 2014. But you would not believe it was him if you ran into him on the street today.

Epic Body Transformation

Farnsworth is now 46 years old. Having an already solid foundation to build on as a professional athlete does, the former Chicago Cubs pitcher has a slight edge in transforming his body. Now, heavy into bodybuilding, Kyle Farnsworth looks like an entirely different person.

Farnsworth body building
Kyle Farnsworth bodybuilding
Kyle Farnsworth bodybuilding
Chicago Cubs pitcher Kyle Farnsworth body transformation bodybuilding

Photos: 24_7Farnsworth/Twitter

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Clearly, Kyle Farnsworth already had a fantastic build prior to getting into bodybuilding. But now that he's competing in his first-ever bodybuilding show on Saturday, June 25, he's reached an entirely new level. Farnsworth is competing in the Classic Physique division at the NPC Southern States Championship Qualifier.

The photos above show only a few bodybuilding poses but his back-double-biceps pose is particularly impressive. He shows specific definition in his rear delts and symmetry in his biceps peaks that look great.

One of the most popular, credible, trustworthy, and informative YouTube fitness channels, ATHLEAN-X, recently posted a video about Kyle Farnsworth. Host Jeff Cavaliere has unique experience in this case. Not only is Jeff a fantastic athletic trainer and YouTube sensation, but he spent time as an athletic trainer in MLB.

Jeff has hands-on experience with Kyle and points out several important details in Farnsworth's bodybuilding photos. He talked about the definition in Kyle's legs and mentions that Farnsworth played the majority of his MLB career during the PED Era and was subjected to criticism.

But Cavaliere points out that Kyle Farnsworth was always one of the hardest workers in the room. Steroids may have played a role but they aren't the reason Farnsworth got to where he is.

Kyle Farnsworth With The Chicago Cubs

Farnsworth spent nearly two decades in MLB but he had his longest stint with the Chicago Cubs. He pitched in 343 games and sported a 4.78 ERA. Over 478.2 innings pitched, Farnsworth struck out 467 batters. But he also gave up 468 hits and 254 earned runs.

Regardless of his stats, Farnsworth is likely remembered most of all for his fight with Paul Wilson.

Paul Wilson is definitely glad that fight happened many years ago before Kyle Farnsworth became an impressive bodybuilder.

If only the Chicago Cubs could bring Farnsworth back today. Maybe he could still pitch a baseball or maybe not. But the future of the Cubs would greatly benefit from a tough-as-nails guy who doesn't back down from a fight and has the discipline of carb depletion in preparation for a bodybuilding show.