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Hey Chicago Cubs, We Miss You

Until Cubs baseball is back, take a trip down imagination lane.
Photo: Choose Chicago

Photo: Choose Chicago

Major League Baseball seems to have a new plan to resume play every single day. One day the leagues will be separated with the White Sox and Cubs in the same division, the next day players won't be allowed to chew sunflower seeds.

It seems at some point baseball will be back on our screens, but sadly it looks like baseball will not be played in front of our eyes until next season. With that said, there is a lot that Cubs fans miss. Take a trip down imagination lane with me, folks.

First off, we miss Wrigley Field.

Photo: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Photo: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

We miss 1:20 starts and $12 beers.

We miss the green ivy, sunshine, and the beer vendors. We even miss the angry, old ushers who guard their section like Winterfell.

We miss the troughs.

We miss Murphy's before the game and the batting cages at Sluggers eight beers later.

Photo: Ariel Cheung/DNAinfo

Photo: Ariel Cheung/DNAinfo

We miss Clark Street.

We miss Javy.

Everything about Javy.

We miss Schwarber bombs.

We miss effortlessly catching fly balls in centerfield (this is a positive trip down imagination lane folks, save me the Almora slander).

We miss Pat Hughes beautifully describing the piss missile Willson CONEtreras just hit in the gap.

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We miss Kris Bryant and those beautiful baby blues.

Photo: Arturro Padavilla III/

Photo: Arturro Padavilla III/

We miss Jason Heyward letting it fly from right field and nabbing a runner down.

We miss our captain, Anthony Rizzo, proudly wearing that proverbial 'C' on his chest.

Photo: Evan Habeeb/USA Today Sports

Photo: Evan Habeeb/USA Today Sports

We miss Ian Happ just playing ball, the man plays baseball the right way.

We miss the kid, Nico Hoerner. We should be seeing him flourish with some big-league experience under his belt.

We miss Jon Lester struggling through the first inning before finally settling in.

We miss 2019 second-half Yu Darvish, we don't remember 2018 Yu Darvish.

We miss Kyle Hendricks masterfully honing his craft. We miss class being in session.

We miss the Cubs bullpen....okay that was a bit much, no one misses that heart attack.

We miss Rossy. We miss what it feels like to have a first-year manager full of hope.

Photo: AP

Photo: AP

We miss arguing with White Sox fans; this was supposed to be the year our friendly foe finally got to see the fruits of the rebuild.

We miss the Chicago Cubs.

We miss baseball.

Hopefully, we will see all of the above soon. Until then, take a trip down imagination lane every now and then. It's filled with hope and optimism that a better day is near.