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Heyman: Cubs Aren't Spending Enough?

According to MLB Insider Jon Heyman, he's concerned the Cubs aren't spending enough money given their revenues.
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Wow, with Opening Day just a few days away, we didn't think there were any controversial topics to discuss surrounding the Chicago Cubs. However, MLB Insider Jon Heyman provided a spark on Tuesday. Heyman is reportedly "concerned" about the Cubs and their lack of spending "considering their revenues". He shared his concerns on Mully and Haugh on 670 The Score.

Ironically, this feels like something Cubs fans have been quite vocal about. Reports surfaced weeks ago that the Ricketts Family was interested in purchasing Chelsea FC, the premier football club. That report was met with backfire form Chelsea FC fans and Cubs fans alike. However, it appears the family is more concerned about purchasing a club that is valued over $4 billion rather than their baseball team they own in Chicago.

Now, their decisions are being met with concern from MLB Insiders, not just fans. Fans have been told about the "biblical losses" due to the COVID-19 pandemic and build-up of Wrigleyville. However, this makes it clear that the Ricketts are trying to operate like a small market team while keeping as much money as possible.

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Fans Deserve Better

At the end of the 2021 season, after one of the most epic sell-offs in MLB history, Tom Ricketts said the Cubs have the necessary resources to compete. Given Heyman's concern, that seems to be true. However, the resources that the Cubs supposedly have aren't being used to their full capacity. This isn't fair to the fans. The Cubs have some of the most expensive ticket prices in the sport. In addition, Chicago is the third-largest market in the country and the Cubs very much dominate Chicago. They're the more popular team nationally and draw a lot of attention from baseball fans as well. Usually, if the Cubs are good, baseball is doing well.

Now, it appears that Chelsea FC is more important than a winning baseball team. Sure, we have a strong farm as fans to be excited about. That said, if the Ricketts aren't willing to spend some money for sake of a competitive product, then the fans need a better ownership group who will accomplish such goal.

Whether or not the Chelsea FC sale goes through in the future, its becoming clear that the Cubs are just another business venture for the family. If the fans are going to get the product we deserve, then maybe a new ownership group is ultimately the answer.