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Marcus Stroman Rips Mets' Front Office

Cubs' pitcher Marcus Stroman ripped the front office of his former team, the New York Mets. They are in shambles under new ownership.
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As a Chicago sports fan, specifically of the Chicago Cubs, watching the New York Mets get ripped publicly is fun. Hell, some might say it's even a sport of sorts. Aside from any of the natural rivalries (St. Louis, Milwaukee, etc.) watching the Mets struggle is a pleasant sight. It gets even better when the Cubs' newest free agent acquisition, Marcus Stroman, also takes a shot at his former team.

Before the "shut up and play baseball" crowd speaks, think about it. The Mets are an organization in shambles ever since they've been under new ownership. In fact, the same crowd that would tell Stroman to stay silent should tell Steve Cohen to do the same. He has been notorious for being vocal on Twitter about the happenings of his ball club.

The Cubs' newest starting pitcher expressed his appreciation to be out of New York. A New York native himself, Stroman's words carry weight against his former team. The Mets didn't want Stroman back, and rather than deal with the gong show that exists in Queens, the pitcher brought his talents to Chicago's north side.

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Naturally, there will be people exclaiming for Stro to remain quiet on the matter. However, the guy calls it how it is. The Mets are a mess under their new ownership and they didn't want him back, why does he need to "play nice" with his opinions about his former team?

Nonetheless, the Cubs are happy and lucky to have Stroman in Chicago. With New York in the rear view, Stro can establish his legacy in the Windy City.