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MLB The Show 20 is out of beta. Nick Hudson breaks down what he saw and what we can expect in the final release.
Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment

With baseball season peering its head around the corner, we are getting ever so close to the much-anticipated release of MLB The Show 20. I had the pleasure of being a part of the closed beta, and just as '19 didn't disappoint, I believe '20 won't disappoint either. Here's why.

Topping The Show 19 would be hard, and Sony knew it. Although the beta is very limited, you get a general idea of the things that they "fixed." Diamond Dynasty is the main component and arguably the only component of the beta. The graphics, although great, have not changed much. The main improvement that they made was at the plate. Hitting is much smoother, and you can pick up the ball much easier than before. A slurve from a 99 legend Kerry Wood was virtually impossible to square up. Now, you are able to pick up the pitch and adjust accordingly.

With every new game release comes a multitude of new rumors related to it. In terms of The Show, there are many rumors circulating around this game.

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  • Create a Ballpark: This has been talked about since The Show 19 came out, and there are rumors that it may have finally happened!
  • RTTS Online Home Run Derby: This would mean that this is one of the stops on your road to the show and you get to compete against others.
  • Improved custom practice: As it stands, in '19 the custom practice is not versatile. However, it is rumored that you are able to pick pitches to choose from to hit as a batter as well as sections of the plate to work on hitting from. This would be a huge addition for all competitive players, allowing them to work on their weak zones.
  • Tattoos for custom made players: This would include any custom-built player, including RTTS.


Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment

The Chicago Cubs' very own Javier Baez graces this cover of MLB The Show 20. Baez is mid-throw with a powerful look on his face and his signature silver chain flying in the air.

Currently, the scheduled release for the game would be March 17th. The game will come out about a week before the season officially begins. This is a big milestone for The Show and all of its fans. As both the baseball season and the release of the game grow closer, I can hardly contain my excitement and I know you can't either.