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Once Upon a Yesterday: Cubs vs. Cards

Cubs vs. Cardinals May 5th History
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Photo: Chicago History/Facebook

Photo: Chicago History/Facebook

The first series of the season against the Cardinals comes to a close as tonight's game serves as an end to the baseball week as well. The Cubs look to sweep their way into the division lead. Grab the brooms, there's chorin' to do.

We're gonna dig back a little further in today's edition of OUAY to May 5th, 1967. This is probably my favorite iteration of the Cubs from before I was born (thanks, Ma!). The Cubs beat the redbirds 5-3 thanks to a three-run seventh inning that turned a two-run deficit into a one-run lead. Ken Holtzman started and got the win for the Cubs, opposite him was Dick Hughes for St. Louis with Steve Carlton taking the loss.

Nuggets of note:

  • This game featured six future Hall of Famers: Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, and Ron Santo from the Cubs; Lou Brock, Orlando Cepeda, and Steve Carlton for the Cardinals. Roger Maris also played for the Cards (honestly thought he was in the hall too).
  • The Cubs HOF trio each had at least one hit and one RBI, with Billy Williams completing the Hornsby Hat Trick (#HornsbyHatTrick).
  • Cubs closer Bill Hands finished off his save with a pair of backward K's, putting down Roger Maris and Lou Brock looking.
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It's a great day for hay, boys!

PS, am I just severely wasted, or do Anthony Rizzo and Ron Santo look REALLY similar?

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Featured Photo: Chicago History/Facebook