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The Chicago Cubs are doing something to further excite their fans about the talent currently developing within their minor league pipeline. On Thursday, the Cubs debuted their new YouTube series "On Deck", which will highlight some of the team's top prospects. For the first prospect highlighted by the team, the Cubs chose No. 1 prospect and OF Pete Crow-Armstrong.

Throughout the episode, PCA walks through a number of significant moments in his Cubs' tenure. The trade, his rehab from the shoulder injury, his personal ties to the Cubs, and so much more are highlighted in the roughly six-minute clip. 

The Trade

Crow-Armstrong was the 19th overall selection in the abnormal 2020 MLB Draft by the New York Mets. However, just around a year after he was drafted, the trade occurred. Crow-Armstrong was sent to the Cubs for Javier Baez and Trevor Williams. 

"When I got the call and the news, it was surreal, for sure", said Crow-Armstrong. "I don't know if I really believed it 100% until I got to Arizona. Felt like a reset a little bit."

Perhaps the most interesting part about the trade was Crow-Armstrong's personal admiration of Javier Baez, giving the trade more personal meaning to the Cubs' top prospect. 

"Getting traded for him, it's hard to explain just because it's a guy that I grew up kind of idolizing. He's not the same player as me, but I saw a lot of, you know, who I wanted to be in him." 

Truthfully, it's easy to see the comparison. Not because of the position they play or the numbers they've put up. Rather, it's the flare, the passion, and the "wow" plays that both players possess in their arsenals. Crow-Armstrong has already shown some of that in the minors, bringing plenty of highlight-reel plays to the eyes of Cubs fans everywhere.

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His Roots

One thing as the writer I did not know was Crow-Armstrong's ties to the Cubs. His dad was a big Cubs fan, so at a young age he became acclimated with the Cubs. He admits in the video that his backyard fence was an imaginary wall of Wrigley Field for him as a child. 

In addition, Crow-Armstrong was a big fan of Aramis Ramirez and Alfonso Soriano, two Cubs legends from the mid-to-late 2000s. "I grew up watching those games because of my dad... I ended up graduating to Cubs fandom eventually."

As a kid, it's very easy to like players only, as PCA notes in the video. However, one has to think that his excitement is heightened now that he is going to play for the organization he watched as a kid. 

The Journey

The video wraps up with plenty of forward-looking thought and excitement surrounding Crow-Armstrong. It's no secret that he had an incredible season split between Low-A Myrtle Beach and High-A South Bend last season. MLB Pipeline believes he'll make his debut in 2024, meaning this future star is on the way!

Discussions about the Futures Game in Los Angeles, the trajectory with the group of stars coming through the Cubs system, and much more were discussed to conclude the video. There is no doubt that the Cubs made some moves to prepare for the future. It appears those moves may in fact pay off at the major league level sooner than later. 

One of the final quotes from Crow-Armstrong will set the souls of fans on fire. When discussing some of the other prospects coming through the system, Crow-Armstrong had this to say:

"We all expect World Series plural. I want to bring rings back to the City of Chicago. That's the goal." 

Be excited fans. This next wave of talent could be something really special.