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REACTION: From a Long Time Fan, Marcus Stroman is a Chicago Cub

With Marcus Stroman's arrival in Chicago, the excitement is through the roof. For one On Tap contributor, it runs deeper than that.
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Marcus Stroman Cubs

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On Wednesday night, I was at Saint Xavier University calling a men's/women's basketball double header. After reports earlier in the day indicated talks were 'hot and heavy' between the Chicago Cubs and Marcus Stroman, I couldn't contain myself. I felt jitters, nerves, and excitement like a kid waiting for their parents to wake up on Christmas morning.

Fast forward a few hours. The announcement broke from Stroman himself that he was, in fact, signing with the Chicago Cubs.

The tweet heard around Chicago. In my heart, it was the tweet I've been dreaming about for years. Truly, it's a tweet I've been dreaming about since 2014.

My Favorite Player: Where it Started

In 2014, one of my best friends introduced me to a new musician. As a collegiate athlete myself at the time, I become a huge fan of then Mike Stud (now goes by Mike). Mike was a collegiate pitcher at Duke and incorporated sports into his music. I was hooked. Ironically a few months before, I started following a young, promising pitcher in Toronto named Marcus Stroman. Little did I know that they were best friends, and my fandom for both began.

Fast forward. Stroman has joined Mike on tour, recorded songs with him, and even hopped on Mike's podcast as a favorite recurring guest. My fandom for Stroman continued to grow and by the time the 2021 MLB season began, I found myself owning multiple pieces of HDMH clothing (Stro's brand), a Blue Jays Stroman jersey, a signed hat, and more from my favorite player in baseball.

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Speaking It into Existence

For well over a year now, I have been talking about the Cubs adding Marcus Stroman this winter. Go ahead and look back at old Cubs On Tap episodes, the proof is there. Just as Marcus Stroman has discussed manifestation and chasing your goals with his friend Mike, I manifested my favorite baseball player ending up with my favorite team. Just as Stro told me, it happened.

On December 1, 2021, Marcus Stroman signed with the Cubs. To say I was excited would be an understatement. In fact, I had numerous friends checking in on me to ensure the excitement wasn't too much for me to handle. I promise it's not. However, for my wallet it might be. Three colors to choose from, all will be in my closet with the No. 0 on them.

Grasping the Fandom

Watching Marcus Stroman pitch is a true joy. As a player that focuses movement, timing, and defense rather than burning velocity, the former Duke Blue Devil is art in motion when he pitches. In fact, I have ventured to the south side of Chicago twice in recent memory to watch Stroman pitch when the Blue Jays came to town.

Now, he's a Cub. There is no worry about finding out when he pitches. Instead, it'll now be every fifth day on TV locally. As appointment television, I'll be tuned in every fifth day with full attention.

As a player that embodies confidence, belief in himself, mental health, and competition, it's hard not to like Marcus Stroman. In fact, he's a player I've continually identified myself with as an undersized athlete who was doubted. I had a high school coach tell me I might be able to play college football. Instead, I played for one of the best NAIA programs in the nation. I had a doctor tell me I'd never play football again after an ACL tear. After three months of rehab I returned and salvaged my senior high school season. I relate to Stroman in many pieces of adversity he's faced, including that brutal knee injury.

Let's Go Stro

I'm so excited for baseball season. I'm so excited to hear Jeremiah Paprocki announce Marcus Stroman as the starter every fifth day. It will be a true treat and pleasure to watch the former Met and Blue Jay pitch for the Cubs.

Height Doesn't Measure Heart. In Chicago, that bull dog, never-back-down attitude fits with this city. Now, the Cubs have a player that can quickly become a face of the team. Welcome to Chicago Marcus, we're all happy to have you. However, there may not be anyone more excited than myself.