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Ryan Dempster, Goose Island Collab to Create Off the Mound Burger for Charity

Ryan Dempster and the Goose Island Brewhouse teamed up to create the Off the Mound Burger to support the 22q Family Foundation.
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Ryan Dempster Goose Island Burger

Photo: Goose Island Clybourn Brewhouse

Just in time for Opening Day this year, Goose Island Brewhouse launched its fifth Clybourn Collab Burger. This time, the brewery paired with former Cubs pitcher and current on-air personality, Ryan Dempster, to bring you the Off the Mound Burger.

Ryan Dempster goose island burger beer

The Off the Mound Burger, by Goose Island in collaboration with Ryan Dempster.Photo: Goose Island Clybourn Brewhouse

Goose Island was kind enough to invite us down to the Brewhouse to try the burger and learn more about its origin. Not only are we going to dive into how the burger tastes, but we'll also share some background behind the burger, the cause, and everything awesome about Goose Island's fifth Clybourn Collab Burger.

The Burger

The Off the Mound burger is a work of art by Executive Chef Henry Pariser. The burger begins with a hearty house-made burger blend, supplemented by a perfect layer of caramelized onions and sharp Canadian cheddar to honor Dempster's Canadian roots. In addition, the burger is topped with crispy prosciutto, a decadent bone marrow compound butter, and a splendid Goose IPA aioli.

Served on a brioche bun, the burger is complemented by crispy Kennebec French fries and served with a Ryan Dempster Off the Mound-themed crowler. For the crowler, you get to pick from three of Goose Island's beers, many of which are only available at the Clybourn Brewhouse location. If you were one of the first 100, and still could be, you can get an autographed crowler by Dempster himself.

Ryan Dempster Off the Mound beer

The first 100 crowlers sold this month were personally signed by Ryan Dempster. The crowler is included when you purchase the Off the Mound burger.Photo: Goose Island Clybourn Brewhouse

The burger is available for the month of April, so be sure to get down to the Brewhouse and try it out for yourself before it's gone!

The Inspiration

The burger was inspired by Ryan Dempster himself. I was lucky enough to speak with Executive Chef Henry Pariser about the story behind the burger. He shared how he and Dempster came up with the idea behind the Off the Mound-themed collaboration.

"The immediate thing [Ryan Dempster] thought of was this trip he made to Bend, Oregon. He went to this country club out in Bend, Oregon and he said he had one of the best burgers of his life."

- Executive Chef Henry Pariser

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Chef Henry accepted the challenge, noting that he wanted to take on the task of making a creation to rival Dempster's "best burger ever". According to Chef Henry's story, that is where the elements of the crispy prosciutto and bone marrow came into play within the burger.

The inspiration for the burger didn't stop there, however. Chef Henry engineered a masterpiece by incorporating elements from the Bend, Oregon burger while making it unique for Ryan Dempster and Goose Island.

The Cause

As a part of the Ryan Dempster/Goose Island collaboration, the burger and the project as a whole will be benefitting the 22q Family Foundation. All proceeds from the burger sales will benefit the organization.

For those unfamiliar with the charitable cause, the 22q Family Foundation is "dedicated to raising awareness for 22q11.2 Deletion syndrome while connecting, supporting, and offering accurate information to families affected by the disorder." Now, your next question might be, what is the disorder?

22q11.2 Deletion syndrome is a disorder caused by a small missing piece of the 22nd chromosome. 22q could be the cause of 200 mild to serious health and developmental issues within children, per the foundation's website. It is considered the second most common genetic disorder, only behind Down's syndrome, and most people have never heard of 22q.

It is believed that 22q is responsible for "growth delays, feeding problems, congenital heart disease, gastrointestinal difficulties, serious breathing concerns, cleft and craniofacial issues, calcium deficiencies, immune deficiencies, kidney problems, and skeletal anomalies. This list also includes the possibility of speech, developmental and cognitive delays, as well as ADHD, Autism and many anxiety-type disorders."

For more information, as well as how you can help and learn more about 22q and the great work being done by the 22q Family Foundation, visit the organization's website.

Thoughts on the Collaboration

Overall, this collaboration is a home run (pun fully intended). For starters, the burger is unbelievable. After getting to try it myself, I will absolutely be back to get another one before this month is over. The way the crispy prosciutto complements the perfectly caramelized onions and comes together with the bone marrow compound butter and Goose IPA aioli is quite the delectable dining experience. Chef Henry knocked the burger out of the park!

As for the cause and inspiration, it's a no-brainer. 22q is a foundation that Ryan Dempster is very supportive of, and to have a burger to represent his show on Marquee Sports Network along with the foundation is a perfect collaboration at the end of the day.

Be sure to check out the 22q Family Foundation to learn more about 22q! Also, head down to the Goose Island Clybourn Brewhouse and try the Off the Mound Burger and crowler before it's gone!

Keep an eye out for more Goose Island content from On Tap Sports Net in the near future.