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The Cubs Have the Best Uniforms in Baseball, Per Jorge Soler

According to World Series MVP Jorge Soler, the Chicago Cubs have the best uniforms in Major League Baseball.
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Jorge Soler Cubs Uniforms

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Following an impressive performance in the World Series, 2021 World Series MVP Jorge Soler is a hot commodity. He is the focal point of so much MLB content right now. Not only that, but Soler is a free agent and after a very solid 2021 season and postseason, so he will likely draw some attention on the open market.

However, before Soler hits the free-agent market in search of his next home, MLB's Tik Tok account is continuing to post their Soler content. In fact, on Tuesday the account posted a series of fast-paced questions as answered by Soler. One of the questions asked was, "Which MLB team has the best uniforms?" When listening to Soler's answer, Cubs fans are sure to crack a big smile.

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That's right. According to Jorge Soler, the Chicago Cubs have the best uniforms in baseball. Naturally as Cubs fans, it's hard to argue Soler's answer. However, it certainly generates intrigue amongst the fans. Soler has not been with the Cubs since 2016, and five years removed he's still showing love for the franchise, even if it is as simple as complimenting the great uniforms.

Entering the winter, Cubs fans are keeping their eyes on numerous former Cubs that are hitting the open market. Aside from players such as Kyle Schwarber, Nicholas Castellanos, Kris Bryant, and others, many fans have their eyes on Soler as well. He'll likely require the least amount of money to sign of the aforementioned names and he's a player that profiles well for the 2022 Chicago Cubs.

We'll see where the World Series MVP ends up this winter, but it appears Jorge Soler still has love for the Cubs as a whole.