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Trea Turner Discusses Possibility of Joining Cubs

The two-time All-Star would need some crucial intel from the Cubs' front office if he were to come to Chicago this offseason.
Trea Turner Chicago Cubs Free Agents


When MLB's offseason commences, the Chicago Cubs will more than likely be riding shotgun on the rumor train when it comes to available shortstops. With at least three All-Star shortstops set to hit the market at the end of the season, Cubs' fans are hoping Jed Hoyer and co. will pull the trigger on one of them and make a splash. One of those shortstops, Trea Turner, spoke to NBC Sports Chicago about the possibility of joining the Cubs and what he would “need to know” before deciding.

Turner, who is currently playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers, said it would be important for him to know Hoyer’s plan for the future and the timetable for the Cubs' rebuild.

“From learning how this process works with talking to other guys, I think that’s mandatory,” Turner said. “From multiple organizations, you’d want to know what they expect or where it’s going or what they’re trying to do — kind of a vision. Whatever that vision is it is, but I think it’s mandatory.”

Coming from a guy of Turner’s talent and ability, it's a fair ask. For his career, he has averaged a .303 batting average, .848 OPS, 24 home runs, 37 doubles, seven triples, 84 RBIs, 45 stolen bases, and a 123 OPS+ per season. He’s the fastest player in baseball and can play multiple positions if needed to, although he will likely be at shortstop wherever he signs ahead of 2023.

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Yes, Turner would be a great fit in Chicago, but his asking price will be astronomical. A two-time All-Star and former World Series champion who will turn 30 next year, Turner is in the prime of his career. A nice bag of cash and another shot at October baseball will surely be atop his wish list.

Are the Cubs a Realistic Destination for Trea Turner?

The question is: could Jed Hoyer convince Trea Turner to come to Chicago, especially after a season that will see the Chicago Cubs fall nearly 15 games back of first place in the division? That will be a burning topic this offseason on the North Side.

However, Turner has done his homework on Chicago by speaking to former teammate Yan Gomes and Cubs' All-Star Ian Happ.

“I have no opinion myself other than it seems like everyone who plays there really, really likes it,” he said. “And I’m sure that’s for numerous reasons, whether it’s the history, or the fan base, or how they run the organization, or the fans just showing up each and every day — they pack that place out. I think it’s cool that those guys like it that much.”

Perhaps this could be the start of Turner’s venture to the Cubs this offseason. Maybe it’s much ado about nothing. Either way, Cubs' fans are hoping this offseason will be like a second Christmas for them. Could Turner be that awesome surprise gift they didn’t expect to get under the tree? Right now, I’m not getting my hopes up, but then again, that’s how surprises work right?