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Where Are They Now: Kyle Farnsworth, From Diamond To Gridiron

Kyle Farnsworth was a Chicago Cubs legend, but not for the same reason many other former Cubs are now considered legends.
Photo: Orland Phantoms Football

Photo: Orland Phantoms Football

Kyle Farnsworth was a Chicago Cubs legend, but not for the same reason many other former Cubs are now considered legends. If you grew up in the '90s, odds are you remember Kyle Farnsworth for a multitude of skills.

His ability to anger other teams, his 100-plus MPH fastball, and his perfect form tackle on Paul Wilson. For those unsure of what I am talking about or wondering who the hell Paul Wilson is, please see below:

To learn where Kyle learned how to channel his inner "hit-stick," we must head back to Alpharetta, Georgia. Farnsworth excelled in baseball, football, and basketball. He then went on to play baseball at nearby Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton, Georgia.

Kyle Farnsworth was then drafted by the Chicago Cubs in 47th round in the 1994 draft. Yes, you read that correctly. He was drafted in the 47th round and somehow crafted that into a 15-year MLB career.

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Farnsworth burst onto the scene in 1999 as a rookie and began his career as a starting pitcher with the Chicago Cubs. He started 21 games that season, finishing with a 5-9 record and a 5.05 ERA. From there, Farnsworth stuck to the pen for the remainder of his career.

While Kyle was a solid reliever throughout his career, but he was most well known for his aggressive antics. In 2003, he pile drove Paul Wilson to the ground as shown in the video above. In 2004, Farnsworth decided a cooler in the Cubs dugout would be his next victim. Unfortunately for #44, the cooler won that battle. Farnsworth ended up with a hairline fracture in his leg after that bout. While on the Tigers in 2005, there was a bench-clearing brawl. Farnsworth came in and tensions seemed to have been settled. Smelling blood in the air, Farnsworth tackled a Royals pitcher and was ejected from the game. In 2009, Farnsworth hurt his hand breaking up a fight between his two American bulldogs.

The man has a sixth sense for brawls.

After a brief stint in the Mexican Baseball League, Farnsworth took his talents to the gridiron. The man known for one of the more famous on-diamond tackles signed with the Orlando Phantoms in the Florida Football Alliance. Having not played football since high school, Farnsworth quickly remembered how to bash some skulls. He was an integral part of the Phantom defense in 2015, finishing the season with 11 sacks. Farnsworth continued to play with the Phantoms until 2018.

In case you are wondering what Kyle Farnsworth did to celebrate his 44th birthday, he did what meatheads do best...

God Bless Kyle Farnsworth, the world will never get sick of athletic freaks like #44.