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Who Should Be The Next Cubs PA Announcer?

With Andrew Belleson leaving his role as PA announcer for the Cubs, who would you want to see as the next PA announcer for the Cubs?

After 10 seasons with the Chicago Cubs, Andrew Belleson announced he will be stepping down as the Cubs PA announcer. He penned a nice Thank You letter to Cubs fans for his time in Chicago.

Whoever steps in for Belleson has some big shoes to fill. Belleson's voice became a friendly sound as the Cubs faithful entered 1060 West Addison throughout the years.

That being said, here are a few recommendations to fill those big shoes that Belleson has left open.

Bill Murray

Photo: Getty images

Photo: Getty images

The most famous celebrity Cubs fan deserves the first mention in this article. The Evanston, IL native was raised in neighboring Wilmette, went to Loyola Academy, and spent some time at Second City honing his talents before moving onto an esteemed career in Hollywood. He has been seen at some of the most memorable Cubs games and would be an incredible pick to replace the great Andrew Belleson.

Will Ferrell

Photo: Sports Illustrated

Photo: Sports Illustrated

Would you eat the moon if it were made of ribs?

Cubs fans have longed for a quality replacement for the iconic Harry Caray. Who better to fill this role than the man with the best impression? Will Ferrell. This would be a great replacement until the Cubs are down by eight on a Tuesday in July against the Pirates, then it would not be so funny.

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Ray Clay

Photo: @AndNowPA on Twitter

Photo: @AndNowPA on Twitter

Many may not recognize the name, but everyone would recognize the voice. Ray Clay was the iconic PA Announcer for the Bulls in the 90s. I can just picture it now, 'Aaaaaand now, batting for your Chicago Cubs, number nine, Jaaaaaavierrr Baaaaaeeeeezzzzz'.

Clay retired from the announcing game in 2019 after 12 seasons with the Chicago Sky. That said, I think it would be an honor for him to come out of retirement and take guard on the North Side of Chicago.

Marc 'Silvy' Silverman

Photo: Good Karma Brands

Photo: Good Karma Brands

The true voice of Cubs fans everywhere would be a fantastic hire as the next PA announcer for the Cubs. There may not be a media personality more beloved in the city of Chicago than Silvy. The Skokie, IL native has worked his way up the ranks to become a prominent figure in sports media. Plus, could you imagine Silvy announcing players after the Cubs blow a big lead? That alone is enough to give this man the job.

David Kaplan

Photo:  Chicago Tribune

Photo: Chicago Tribune

David Kaplan would be a great fit....

Yea right Sparkles, we would never let someone with White Sox season tickets become the PA Announcer for the Cubs!

Who do you want to see as the new PA announcer for the Cubs? Let us know!