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Why The Cubs Should Not Bring Back Anthony Rizzo

It's time for the Cubs to officially close the door on Anthony Rizzo's time on the North Side.

Is a reunion between Anthony Rizzo and the Cubs even a possibility? I'm not sure, but with where the organization is at right now, I would not want them to bring Rizzo back to the North Side. Before I dig deeper into this topic, it is only right that I give you the opportunity to relive the greatest moment in Cubs history.

Now that you've taken a trip down memory lane, let's get into it.

Before the 2021 Season

Before the 2021 season, the Cubs failed to sign Anthony Rizzo to a contract extension. Reports indicated the Cubs' final offer before the start of the season was $70 million for five years ($14 million AAV).

At the time, it felt like a huge slap in the face to our generation's Mr. Cub. But as time has progressed, I am not nearly as upset as I was last March. Not to mention, nobody could have forecasted even close to what eventually happened at the deadline and all the heartbreak it caused.

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Why I Don't Think The Cubs Should Sign Anthony Rizzo

On a non-statistical note, I believe Rizzo's time as a Chicago Cub should be over because we've seen what the Cubs are with Anthony Rizzo. Is it the worst thing? Far from it. But just like the team did at the trade deadline, it's time to move on.

Over Rizzo's last two seasons (199 games), he slashed .240/.343/.432 (.765 OPS) with 33 home runs and only 85 RBIs. In order to sign Rizzo, the Cubs would be paying for the guy that helped them win a World Series, not the guy who has hit .240 with less than 100 RBIs in his last 199 games. Additionally, his chronic back injuries have almost undoubtedly hurt his play on the field even though they haven't sidelined him completely for too many games.

Putting Anthony Rizzo aside, it is time for the Cubs to keep their options open to younger players that they have developed in the system. Following the 2021 trade deadline, the Cubs had a nice platoon starting to form between Frank Schwindel and Alfonso Rivas. If the Cubs bring back Rizzo, that eliminates opportunities for Schwindel and Rivas, both of whom played well down the stretch and earned more reps in 2022.

Flexibility Going Forward

The potential platoon of Frank Schwindel and Alfonso Rivas gives the Cubs more flexibility going forward because they would have substantially less money committed to one position. If the Cubs were to bring back Anthony Rizzo, he would take playing time away from Schwindel, Rivas, and potentially Bryce Ball, who came over in the Joc Pederson trade.

Bottom line: it is time to move on from Anthony Rizzo and let him sign elsewhere.