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Why The Cubs Should NOT Trade Kris Bryant

The Chicago Cubs think trading one the best players in franchise history is a good idea? Not so fast my friend!
Photo: Yahoo Sports

Photo: Yahoo Sports

The Winter Meetings are in full swing in San Diego this week and one of the biggest names swirling throughout the halls of Hilton Bayfront is Kristopher Lee Bryant.

The Chicago Cubs have stated they will need to clear some space on the payroll before moving their attention to strengthening their current roster. Unfortunately, Kris Bryant drew the short end of the stick and is most likely to be packing up his things on the North Side.

Of course, this is an absolute travesty. The Cubs are looking to move a player that has the below statistics since joining the team:

The only players more valuable than KB since 2015 go by the name of Mookie Betts and Mike Trout. Sound familiar? Those two have combined to win three of the last five MVP awards.

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Take a step back for a second, the Chicago Cubs are actively shopping one of the most productive players in franchise history. A player that helped change the narrative around this organization forever.

The Chicago Cubs had the second-highest payroll in baseball last season. Money is coming off the books and Tom Ricketts is still crying poor to fans. He is now letting the media know that the budget for the renovations was significantly missed.

I will tell you one thing Tom, fans do not care about money. We care about winning. We care about putting another flag next to the 2016 one that so proudly flies just past the beautiful green ivy. We know money is currently tight and the luxury tax penalties are not so kind the more the Cubs go over that threshold. It is just hard for all of us to believe there are money issues when beers are $13 a pop and Marquee Sports Network is set to make the franchise a gazillion dollars in the coming years.

Kris Bryant deserves an extension, not a one-way plane ticket out of O'Hare. This is the Chicago Cubs we are talking about, not the Oakland A's. Tom Ricketts should hand Kris a check and have him fill out the rest. Kris Bryant will yield a king's ransom but I can guarantee that ransom will not make the Cubs better in 2020. This championship window is closing fast. Kris Bryant's statistics say enough, trading one of the best players to ever put on a Cubs uniform is not the answer.

P.S. His wife is pregnant. This is cruel and unusual punishment to put someone bearing a child through this type of stress, Tom. Think about the kids one time!

Featured Photo: Yahoo Sports