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In the Know: Chicago Fire Press Conference Highlights

Second City Soccer spoke to Fire head coach Raphael Wicky about the upcoming match against the Crew and the announcement of 100% capacity at Soldier Field.
Chicago Fire Press Conference Raphael Wicky Carlos Teran

Photo: Chicago Sun-Times

"In the Know" is aimed at giving Second City Soccer fans insight into the press conferences we have with Chicago Fire coaches and players.

Yesterday, we spoke with Raphael Wicky and Carlos Terán (SSC did not ask Terán a question). Below is the transcription to the questions asked by Second City:

Raphael Wicky

SECOND CITY SOCCER: Speaking of that game-by-game approach that you mentioned earlier, this one coming up is not just any game, as it will be the last game at one of the most historic soccer stadiums in the country and they will have that stadium at full capacity so it will be packed to the brim. What have you been preaching to your players in terms of the mindset that you carry into the game? Is it a chance to play spoiler and sort of put a foul mood on match for those Columbus fans? Is it just another game? What is it for you guys?

RW: I mean to be honest for us it's another game. For us it's a game against a champion, against a very good team. Again like I said, hopefully the stadium will be full because we all love this sport playing in front of the fans and for us it's that game.

We are going with the mindset there to get a good result. That's what we are going there for. We know it's the last game. We know they want to celebrate, but that's nothing which plays a big role in our preparation. We go there and we want to play our role. We want to play our game and we want to get a result. That's what we are focusing on and if the stadium is full, then that's better for everyone.

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SECOND CITY SOCCER: How much of an impact on your team's overall mentality does the announcement of knowing that Soldier Field will be at maximum capacity moving forward?

RW: I mean, look, that's something I mentioned before. That's great to hear and that's what we need. I mean, we need the support from our fans, like I said in the beginning, teams usually make more points at home because the fans have a big impact and that's the same with us.

We obviously love playing in front of our fans. We want to bring a good energy into the stadium from the beginning of the game so that the fans see a good football game and we need their support and, yeah, that's great to hear that it will open up and hopefully there is many, many people coming and supporting us, because we need that support, of course.

SECOND CITY SOCCER: Do you have a prediction for your country's national team game here in about 15 minutes?

RW: It's a tough game against one of the best teams, but I think Switzerland has proven over the last two, three years that they can play against very good teams. They had a lot of games against the top six, seven, eight teams in the world and were actually having good results. So I think that very optimistically, we can have a 2-2 draw.

Other Highlights

  • Raphel Wicky on Gastón Giménez not in the squad for the most recent Paraguay game: "So I texted with Gastón and I asked him if he was injured, and he said no, that the Coach wanted to give him a rest day because they have a lot of games coming up in a very short amount of time. That was what he told me."
  • Wicky on the 100% capacity in Historic Crew Stadium this upcoming weekend: "I don't think it adds any more difficulties than the game already is. We are playing against the champion in their stadium. We know it's going to be a tough game but we also know that on a good day when we are very focused and concentrated, we can make results against any team."
  • Carlos Terán on his injury and its effect on his growth and development: "This is a career in which there are always injuries and there's always adversity. I think that it's on you to keep that strong mentality and to just keep looking forward and be prepared for these things that happen. Everyone gets injured. Everyone gets hurt, and that's where you can see our professionalism and the way we take care of ourselves and the way we look ahead and keep our strong mental aspect going so that we can come back even stronger and face all of this adversity that is going to show up at one point or another."