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NEWS: MLB Has New Proposal for Players

The MLB has a new proposal for the players.
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Per ESPN's Karl Ravech, the MLB has made a new offer to the players.

This is a 76-game season with 75% of prorated salary going to the players. This is better than the MLB's plan to play 1/3 of a season, but it is still in question whether or not the players will accept it. Tony Clark made a statement on behalf of the player’s union, saying the players will not make any other salary concessions.

The players and MLB seem to be playing volleyball with negotiations, sending the ball back and forth. The player’s union responded quickly by noting this is a step back from prior offers.

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It does not seem like this will get the job done because 75% of the prorated salary is only 50% guaranteed. This is the hang up from negotiations: owners essentially have made the same offer by adjusting the amount of games played. Unless they move in the player’s direction, there will be no deal, and ultimately no season.