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OPINION: Minor League Baseball Decimated by Selfishness

Upwards of 1,000 minor league baseball players could see their careers come to an end soon.


Because of owners like John Fisher of the Oakland Athletics, who furloughed all scouts and will no longer pay minor league baseball players, upwards of 1,000 minor league baseball players could see their careers come to an end soon, per Jeff Passan.

This is an awful look for the game. Baseball is meant to be enjoyed en masse, but unfortunately, the owners of MLB teams are using a global pandemic and economic recession to advance their agenda of destroying the minor leagues. This could have residual effects, perhaps the end of baseball, at least as we know it. Call me crazy, but the number of billionaire owners crying poor because of ONE tough season is absurd. Let’s not forget that in 2019 the MLB recorded a record-breaking $10.7 billion in revenue.

Look, we all understand that baseball is a business. There can definitely be a balance of business acumen with love for the sport. Unfortunately, owners are letting the sport fail out of sheer selfishness in not allowing players to make a salary they had already promised and by cutting minor leaguers, as they had planned before the coronavirus drastically affected the United States.

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I want baseball back as much as the next fan. I dream of hitting the ballpark again to smell the green grass and grab a hot dog and a beer with my old man. It’s my favorite thing to do every spring/summer.

With that said, stop calling the players selfish. It’s easy to point fingers at the guys making millions per year, but let’s not forget they all started at the same place: in the minor leagues. These already exploited baseball players are the future of the sport. Even though the players cut from the start are not necessarily the faces of baseball, teams always need role players, bench players, and depth in the minor league system. This is a sad day for the game.