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The Wiener's Circle Will Offer Free Food Jan. 1 Before Closing Temporarily

The iconic Chicago hot dog stand will offer customers free food before temporarily closing its doors for improvements.
The Wiener's Circle Chicago

On Wednesday night, the infamous Chicago hot dog stand, The Wiener's Circle, announced it would be closing temporarily on January 2nd. In the announcement on their Twitter account, the stand stated its plans to eventually reopen with new improvements. No specific date for re-opening is set.

The Wiener's Circle also reassured patrons that the same hostile staff and marquee would remain Additionally, the restaurant announced that they will be giving away free food on January 1st! Just remember to bring cash to tip the staff.

The Weiner's Circle is located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood at 2622 N. Clark Street Chicago, IL 60614. The stand is considered a favorite by most Chicagoans so there should be an outpouring of support. Every small business needs help, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The stand rose to fame initially due to its simple but killer menu of char-grilled hot dogs, polish, and burgers. Beyond the delicious food, a staple of The Wiener's Circle experience is the extremely hostile staff. Service is fairly tame during the day, but as soon as night falls the staff gets belligerent and the language turns rather vulgar, which makes it a true spectacle for the customers. A Chicago comparison would be the R-rated version of an Ed Debevic's staff.

On the weekends, The Wiener's Circle is a hot spot for people who have spent a full night of drinking and are looking for a late-night bite and some comedy. While giving a shot of Malort to a friend from out of town may be fun having them order from The Weiner's Circle is outright hilarious.

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There are numerous videos of these encounters on YouTube and other media platforms that make for great entertainment. The stand has been featured on a variety of different shows, including Conan.

The Weiner's Circle is also known for using their marquee sign to deliver hilarious messages that constantly circle social media. Since the pandemic, the stand started their own YouTube channel and ran ads to keep customers familiar with their reputation.

Photo: wienerscircle/Instagram

Photo: wienerscircle/Instagram

Be sure to stop in and get your last taste of The Wiener's Circle before the temporary closure. There's free food on New Year's Day, so don't miss out! Just remember to bring a tip for the staff.