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XFL Suspends Remaining Games but Takes Care of Business

The 2020 XFL season has been canceled due to coronavirus concerns, but the league is tying up all loose ends.
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Dwayne The Rock Johnson Buys XFL


Following in the footsteps of several over major sports leagues, the XFL is shutting down for the 2020 season due to coronavirus concerns.

The XFL has been very straightforward even though circumstances are not in their favor. Last weekend, they admitted to a mistake made by the referees at the end of a game. It's a nice change of pace to see how they have been operating. They will also make sure they take care of their players in a few ways. To start, they will pay their plays their base amount and benefits for this season. The biggest benefit is that following Friday's exit physicals, players will be allowed to sign with NFL teams or another football league. This will make free agency even more interesting.

Have no fears, the league is committed to being back in full operations for 2021. They were seeing some solid success halfway through their first season back.

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