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2021 On Tap Sports Net NFL Mock Draft: Indianapolis Colts – Pick #21

The Colts look to bolster their defense, drafting potential shutdown corner Greg Newsome II with the 21st pick.

The Indianapolis Colts have had a busy offseason. Considering the team addressed the quarterback position with a blockbuster trade involving Carson Wentz, they don't appear to be looking for their franchise savior this April. Instead, they look to add to an already loaded defense and build off of an impressive 11-5 campaign. Rock Ya-Sin showed a ton of promise last season, but aging players like Xavier Rhodes can't play forever. The Colts go long term with this selection.

Enter Northwestern cornerback Greg Newsome II.

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By far my favorite thing about Newsome is his lack of interceptions. Pure insanity right? Well, follow me here. Far too often, fans and scouts alike get caught up with popular statistics. While turnovers are always a positive, something can be said about players being so dangerous, teams don't want to even bother throwing towards you. This is Greg Newsome to a tee. He causes mayhem at the point of attack, which forced quarterbacks to attempt tight throws. This resulted in ten pass breakups and an opponent completion percentage of just 35.3%.

Newsome also doesn't like allowing touchdowns.


Similar to many prospects coming out of the Big Ten, COVID-19 affected Newsome's ability to produce film for scouts. He was forced to show a lot in a short period of time, which produced some impressive performances. This is a big reason why Newsome isn't the top corner in this draft. As a key piece to one of the best defenses in college football, a full season could've produced much more memorable performances with the potential for more game changing plays. The NFL is a flashy business and Newsome isn't a flashy player.

Most elite corners aren't.

Final Thoughts

I'll be blunt: Greg Newsome II might be the best corner in the draft. While he doesn't have a ton of film that pops out, he is a gamer who challenges his matchup in every game. Physicality, athleticism and football IQ are extremely high with this one and you can't ask for more at the NFL level. If he went to Alabama or LSU, he would be a top five pick.