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2021 On Tap Sports Net NFL Mock Draft: Miami Dolphins – Pick #18

The Miami Dolphins need to protect Tua. With the 18th overall pick, the Dolphins should select Teven Jenkins to solidify their offensive line.
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Teven Jenkins Bears Draft

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Miami is on the clock again! This time around they should be looking for more protection for franchise quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. With the sixth pick, it was a little early to target an offensive lineman. However, now is a perfect time. They need a big-time fighter that will have the quarterback's best interest in mind at all times. Miami should do the right thing and continue to build around their star by taking offensive tackle Teven Jenkins at #18.


Jenkins is a quarterback protector! If teams are looking for someone that gets into the mud and protects his teammates, here he is. Jenkins has one of the quickest first steps out of all the offensive lineman in the draft. That gives him the early edge against any defender. He can easily cut off the path he feels a player may take. Also, he competes and finishes his blocks.

Being able to play either side of the field will help him early on in his career. Not only is he versatile, but he also plays the run and pass games well. Any team would be happy to plug and play him right away. This all shows that he is a smooth and very athletic player, what could the issues be?

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The first thing people will notice is that he is built for the NFL, but maybe not built for playing tackle in the league. He has shorter arms, which could be a setback with some stronger and quicker edge rushers. This could mean a move to the guard position, which isn't always a bad thing.

Another thing that gets noticed at times is his football character. Some people have issues with how he plays, occasionally playing beyond the whistle. This really shouldn’t be an issue if he is coached right. It could take him from being just a regular player to a Pro Bowl caliber star.

Final Thoughts

Jenkins' positives outweigh his negatives. In the NFL he might be a better fit at guard, but he is going to make a great professional with the right staff around him. His on-field attitude isn’t a bad thing. He plays through the whistle as players are expected to. There is nothing better than a teammate protecting everyone around him. Lock this pick in for a potential Pro Bowl caliber star!