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Fantasy Football Impact: NFL Week 5 Schedule Changes

How will the NFL schedule changes due to positive COVID-19 tests impact Fantasy Football and DFS during Week 5 action and beyond?
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NFL Week 5 Schedule Changes Bills Titans

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Change will be common in this 2020 NFL season. In week five, we will see two games moving from the Sunday slate. The first game will be the Broncos vs. Patriots, which will be moving to Monday, October 12th. The second matchup will be the Bills vs. Titans, which is moving to Tuesday, October 13th.

The major thing to watch out for over the next few days will be if there are any more positive cases of COVID-19. Currently, the Tuesday game looks like it could be the most at risk. However, if that game does take place on that day, it will also cause the Bills' next game to move as well. They are currently scheduled to play the Chiefs on Thursday Night Football in week six. For now, that matchup is being moved to Sunday in week six for now unless there are more positive cases.

At this time, the impact these schedule changes have on week five is pretty clear. In season-long fantasy, as long as the games are played on Monday or Tuesday, they will count for this week. For DFS players, those games will be removed from the main slate all together.

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The question now will be: are you willing to risk it with this type of situation? Or are you going to play it safe with some other players?