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NFL Changes Overtime Rules For The Playoffs

Each team will now get a possession in overtime but only in the playoffs.
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NFL overtime rule playoffs

Photo: AP Photo/Matt Patterson

The NFL's overtime rules have been criticized for years. When Josh Allen has one of the best games of his career and doesn't even get the chance to touch the football in overtime, there is a problem. That's exactly what happened to Patrick Mahomes on the other side of that equation as well.

Finally, after another ridiculous moment in the 2021 playoffs, the NFL will change the overtime rules during the postseason only. According to NFL Insider Ian Rapoport, the league has passed Playing Rule Proposal 1 meaning each team will get to possess the football.

The Indianapolis Colts and the Philidelphia Eagles proposed this rule change and the league passed it at the NFL Annual Meeting.

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NFL overtime rule changes Ian Rapoport

Photo: RapSheet/Twitter

There are other changes as well. The league agreed to keep the free-kick formation change established last year. They also will implement a change for teams to retain their staff through the annual selection meeting.

With the new rule change, for the playoffs only, each offense getting the chance to score should lead to more football and that can't be a bad thing.

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