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Notre Dame to the NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Reel in Robert Hainsey at Pick #95

Robert Hainsey marks the third Notre Dame offensive lineman to come off the board in the 2021 NFL Draft.
Robert Hainsey NFL Draft

Photo: CBS Sports

It's been quite an eventful and rewarding Day 2 of the NFL Draft for the Blue and Gold. After seeing several of his teammates find their NFL homes earlier in the evening, Robert Hainsey followed suit when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected him 95th overall. Hainsey's selection makes him the fifth Notre Dame product to come off the board in 2021 as well as another player to be selected at or around where he was valued in the pre-draft process.

Hainsey was a solid force at tackle for Notre Dame and aspires to add some much-needed depth to the Buccaneers' offensive line. He was an integral force behind Notre Dame's rushing attack and is an above-average pass blocker.

There have been some concerns about his size, but Hainsey makes up for it in heart and knowledge of the game. Hainsey is a disciplined player and served as a leader at Notre Dame. I would expect him to enter Bucs' camp and learn as much as he can, and when the opportunity presents itself Hainsey will be ready to execute when he hits the field.

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Hainsey notably played center at the Senior Bowl after serving as a tackle at Notre Dame and projects as a guard in the NFL, so we will have to wait and see exactly where he gets that first opportunity. His versatility will definitely speed up the process of getting on the field as soon as possible.

Joining the 2020 Super Bowl Champions with an already star-studded cast that will be returning for an encore will certainly benefit Hainsey. The beautiful part about going later on in the NFL Draft is extra flexibility regarding landing spots, which often increases the chances of landing with a contender.

For Robert Hainsey, the stars aligned in the most perfect way, and his NFL dreams came true in the third round of tonight's draft. I will be the first one to say it I'm sure that Hainsey can't wait to make the move down to Tampa Bay and get to work with Bruce Arians and the guys.