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I Bet You That Sports Gambling will be Legal in Illinois!

Sports gambling is (almost) legal in Illinois. Here are three things you need to know:
Illinois Sports Betting

Sports gambling is (almost) legal in Illinois. Here are three things you need to know:

1.) There’s no betting on Illinois college teams:

As much as I’d like to smash the over on every single Northwestern game, I can’t just yet. I have a strong feeling a few months into the legal gambling frenzy we’ll see an amendment looking to change this. Makes sense, for sure, to start out banning Illinois colleges from being bet on.

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2.) Your favorite team in the city could (will) have in-venue betting windows:

As you walk up to the crown jewel of the south side of Chicago (Guaranteed Rate Field) you approach a window where you place a $25 bet to win $49 on the Sox -2.5. Next, you win said bet, and you collect your earnings before you’re back in lot B! This is going to be one of the main sources of income in Illinois sports betting, besides casinos. You simply just can’t beat the convenience of in-venue betting. Keep in mind, you’ll be able to bet on other teams and sports at the in-venue booths.

3.) DraftKings and FanDuel get the boot:

Daily fantasy sports and the state of Illinois have a lengthy history that I won’t bore you with, however, it sums up to Illinois wanting said companies to stop catering to Illinois users. These companies did not do so and now as we’re seeing a legal gambling bill passed in Illinois. Both organizations are not protected under the bill in Illinois. Mobile betting won’t be legal until 18 months after the bill is signed. Optimistically, you’ll be able to place your first bet week one of the NFL season. Realistically, we’re looking at NFL playoffs/Super Bowl.