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5 Songs From Kygo's New Album to Get You in Full Summer Mode

With a new season comes new music, and Kygo is here to ring in those summer vibes with the release of his brand new album, Golden Hour.


Though it may not feel like it due to coronavirus lockdowns, summer is unofficially underway with Memorial Day weekend already in the rearview mirror. With a new season comes new music, and Norwegian songwriter/producer Kygo is here to ring in those summer vibes with the release of his brand new album, Golden Hour.

The 18-track record is filled with feel-good lyrics and melodic beats, but a few tunes stand out among the crowd when it comes to exemplifying that summertime feeling. Alas, here are five tracks from Golden Hour to get you in full summer mode.

Feels Like Forever (ft. Jamie N Commons)

Not quite ready to embark on your big summer journey? Well, this song will change that in rapid fashion. Encouraging vocals from Jamie N Commons and buoyant production from Kygo will have you ready to go out and conquer whatever you may have had planned for the warm months on the calendar. Time isn't a concern, It Feels Like Forever Tonight, after all.

Could You Love Me (ft. dreamlab)

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While Feels Like Forever may end up being the most popular new release on Kygo's most recent album, there's no way it can out-vibe Could You Love Me. Kygo's early listeners, myself included, were captivated by his pioneering in the tropical house genre. Have you been missing those iconic keys originally featured in his remixes of Younger, Sexual Healing, and I See Fire? Not to worry. That tropical vibe comes rushing back with Could You Love Me. In this collaboration with dreamlab, Kygo balances subtle strings with a delightful keyboard melody that will take your ears and mind away to paradise.

Higher Love (ft. Whitney Houston)

This tune is no secret, and it hasn't been for almost a year. Originally released as a single on June 28th, 2019, Kygo's production behind Whitney Houston's vocal cover of Steve Winwood's Higher Love has already been a summer jam. I'm here to tell you that it never left -- and if you thought it did, it's back once again. Houston's compelling vocals and Kygo's modern production style turn up as the tenth track on Golden Hour just in time for you to add it back into that music queue before you head to the beach.

Freedom (ft. Zak Abel)

A more recent single preceding Golden Hour's official release, Freedom clocks in as the fourth track on the album and this list, though completely unintended. Kygo is known for his "vocal chops," and this song is jampacked with just that element. Zak Abel's soothing tone laced over a lighthearted but full production backdrop from Kygo make Freedom another song that's perfect for under-the-sun activities.

Broken Glass (ft. Kim Petras)

Time to chill out a bit. Broken Glass opens with a faded guitar lick before Kim Petras steals the spotlight with her powerful yet comforting vocal track. While the listener gets lost in the lyrics, Kygo lets the melody subtly build in the background. Just as you're lulled into a sense that this may be a full-on lyrical-centric song, that signature tropical house vibe invades your speakers/headphones in the smoothest way possible to induce the ultimate relaxation experience. It's quite literally the best of both worlds.