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5 Songs to Remember Avicii By

Even after his passing, Avicii continued to captivate audiences — just as his music will continue to do so for generations to come.


Tim Bergling, better known by his stage name, 'Avicii,' was a legend of the electronic dance music scene. The Swedish DJ, musician, and songwriter rose to stardom quickly due to his knack for composing enticing melodies and compelling lyrics. While his musical talents flourished, a lifestyle consisting of heavy tour schedules and seemingly unending parties eventually caught up to a man who was never too keen on being in the spotlight. On April 20th, 2018, Bergling took his own life while on vacation in Muscat, Oman. The news of Avicii's departure from this world put the EDM community and the entire musical landscape in a state of deep mourning. While we continue to carry on with heavy hearts two years later, Avicii's music still lives on today and forever will. With that in mind, I present five songs to remember Avicii by.

1. Without You

I gotta learn how to love without you
I gotta carry my cross without you

Don't mind me, just having a good cry while listening to this one. This song's combination of strings and electronic elements makes it an Avicii staple. He wasn't afraid to push the boundaries on that front, which helped solidify his status as a revolutionary artist. To quote Jeffrey Yau of Your EDM, Without You "is Avicii at his finest."

2. Fade Into Darkness

No we won't fade into darkness

This song perfectly encapsulates the point of this article — Avicii will never fade into darkness because his music, which touched so many, will eternally live on through fellow DJs spinning his tracks, radio stations airing his works, fans streaming his songs, and so on.

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3. Levels

Oh, sometimes
I get a good feeling, yeah
Get a feeling that I never, never, never, never had before, no no
I get a good feeling, yeah

How could this one not be included? Levels is a song that almost everybody knows. Since its 2011 release, the tune has been featured at countless sporting events, played in god knows how many DJ sets, and streamed millions of times across various listening platforms. One of the most popular pump-up tunes of the past decade is not going anywhere any time soon.

4. The Nights

One day you'll leave this world behind
So live a life you will remember

Avicii led a life to remember. His music has touched millions, if not billions, across the globe. Yes, there were awards, accolades, and earnings, but Tim Bergling was able to connect with so many people he never even met in person through his musical works. The song's message is one of positivity, which we could all use in these uncertain times.

5. Heaven

It's such a night, such a beautiful night
It's such a view, such a beautiful sight
I think I just, oh, I think I just died, oh
And went to heaven

Before Avicii passed away, he had been working on a batch of new music. A posthumous album, Tim, was released on June 6th, 2019, and it included this track. Heaven was met with overwhelmingly positive reception, as it peaked at number four on Billboard's US Hot/Dance Electronic Songs chart. Even after his passing, Tim Bergling continued to captivate audiences -- just as his music will continue to do so for generations to come.