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Amazon Prime's Animated Spin-Off of 'The Boys': Diabolical First Look and Release Date

Buckle up sugarplum, 'The Boys' is going animated and it's just as bloody.
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The Boys Amazon Prime Animated Series Diabolical

Photo: Amazon Prime

The incredible Amazon Prime hit series The Boys is releasing an animated spin-off called Diabolical. Now we have a first look at it and a release date! Amazon announced the show in 2021 and Karl Urban himself announced the title of the short series. Diabolical premiers on March 4, 2022. This short teaser provides massive and bloody excitement.

The Boys' Animated Series will be More Diabolical Than it's Predecessor

The baby crawling and shooting lasers out of her eyes just like the wild moments from season 1... how awesome is that? This animated series is surely going to be a hit and Vought Industries doesn't know we're coming for them. The more we learn about their sinister plots, the more we can take down the biggest monopoly of superheroes in the world!

Even the Homelander himself should be impressed by this animated baby and her fiery gaze. Diabolical drops on March 4 and consists of eight episodes. Surely it will be just as bloody disgusting as The Boys if not more ludicrous. Imagine all the wild and gory things they can do with animation. Amazon Prime struck gold with The Boys, but if this animated series does well, there will definitely be more of this on the horizon.

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