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Amy Schneider's 40-Game Jeopardy Winning Streak Ends Thanks To Chicago Native

The second-longest winning streak in Jeopardy history came to an end yesterday.
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Amy Schneider Jeopardy Champion Winning Streak

Photo: Jeopardy/KenJennings/Twitter

It's truly a unique moment when someone gets on a hot streak on the popular trivia show Jeopardy. Super-fans of the hit show know the longest reign someone has ever had on Jeopardy is 74 straight victories. The current host, Ken Jennings, accomplished this in 2004 and it was a near-untouchable winning streak. But then entered Amy Schneider.

Amy Schneider

Amy Schneider is a software engineering manager from Oakland. She won an astonishing 40 games straight on Jeopardy. Many thought she'd be able to reach the heights of Jennings with fewer than half the victories remaining to break the record.

Schneider notched the second-longest consecutive win streak in Jeopardy history. She acquired over $1 million in winnings but was finally dethroned on Wednesday. She could not muster the Final Jeopardy answer 'Bangladesh' when given the hint:

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Chicago Native Rhone Talsma

Amy's streak is incredibly impressive, but Chicago librarian Rhone Talsma brought the guts to pull the trigger on the double-jeopardy wager. The correct answer of Bangladesh was the final puzzle piece needed to bring an end to one of the most impressive Jeopardy winning streaks ever recorded.

Amy Schneider Rhone Talsma Jeopardy Consecutive Winning Streak

Photo: Jeopardy/Twitter

Talsma is the new Jeopardy champion, but we'll definitely be seeing Amy Schneider again in the Tournament of Champions. For now, it's nice to know Chicago is well-represented with at least one champion.