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Is Arnold Schwarzenegger Planning a Surprise Sequel With 'Zeus' Post?

Arnold Schwarzenegger put up a cryptic Instagram post about Zeus. What could that project be? We look to the past for clues about the future.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Zeus Instagram Post

Photo: schwarzenegger/Instagram

Arnold Schwarzenegger turned some heads with a recent post on his Instagram account. The post has gotten almost 1 million likes at the time of writing, after only three hours. The question is, what is the awesome graphic in reference to?

Looking through his IMDB page, there are no known projects that match with his Zeus post. That begs the question, what could he be working on? While some have jumped on the Percy Jackson and the Olympians show coming to Disney+, I just don't see it. The show has only just been confirmed and there's no chance Disney would let an actor drop the first poster reveal. What if Arnie is planning a sequel to his very first role?

A screenshot of Arnold Schwarzengger's IMDB page.

A screenshot of Arnold Schwarzengger's IMDB page.

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We recently talked about the movie that launched Schwarzenegger's career, Pumping Iron. As I mentioned then, it was not his first role. His first role was as the titular character in 1970's Hercules in New York. But if he played Hercules in the original, how can he play Zeus? Lemme tell you.

How Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Make it Work

In the flick, Hercules pesters Zeus to get to leave their heavenly home and spend time in the land of men. Zeus eventually relents. Hercules's God-mode strength allows him to flourish in the land of the mortals. Zeus feels Herc has gotten a little too big for his britches so he tasks Juno with helping get Herc into check. Juno goes too far and gets homeboy poisoned so he loses his strength. In a near-death moment for our hero, Zeus restores his ability 'cuz no son of his dies by the hand of a mortal. They return to Olympus, where Zeus gives Hercules a pass on his actions before he himself peaces out to earth for a little vacation.

While it was Arnie's first starring role, he wasn't actually billed as Arnold Schwarzenegger. On the credit roll, he was listed as Arnold Strong. His accent was also deemed too thin to understand so in the original film he was dubbed over. That means that Arnold Schwarzenegger can play Zeus since Arnold Strong is already canonically Hercules! Plus, as Matrix Resurrections recently showed, self-aware decades later sequels are IN. Having a sequel pick up 50 years later with Arnold once again exploring New York would be bangarang.

While I don't think this is the reason for his post, I darn sure hope it is. Stay tuned for updates on whatever the Zeus post may mean, and drop your best guesses in the comments below.