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Better Call Saul Season 6: The Rise of Slippin' Kimmy

When examining the world of Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul, it looks like the very first character to 'break bad' is Kim Wexler.
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Better Call Saul Kim

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Better Call Saul returned for its final season with a two-part premiere. We are going to be in for a real treat this season. One character who has grown on fans over the years is Kim Wexler. Throughout Better Call Saul, we learn more about her and see her relationship with Jimmy/Saul grow, eventually resulting in marriage. She always came across as the straight arrow to counter Jimmy's shadow games. After the end of Season 5 and the start of Season 6, it looks like the roles have reversed in a big way.

Be warned, there be spoilers ahead.

Better Call Saul and the Evolution of Kim Wexler

Kim was always cautious and played by the rules. It's likely she was drawn to Jimmy's ability to exist in the grey area, outside the rules.

In Season 1, Kim is doing her lawyer thing. She exists as a yin to Jimmy's yang. When things don't break her way, Jimmy is always there with a trick up his sleeve. At first, she doesn't like it, but with time we see her grow into accepting it.

What starts as small-potato scheming in Season 1 evolves into full-fledged blackmail by Season 6. Kim's car accident left a lasting impression, but you get the feeling that she loves being bad.

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Is Kim the First Character to Actually Break Bad?

Breaking Bad tells the tale of Walter White as he descends from mild-mannered chemistry teacher to meth kingpin. While Walt is the only person we see transition from good to bad on that show, Kim has him beat canonically.

By the end of Better Call Saul Season 6's second episode 'Carrot and Stick', Kim shows that her main rival for top villain may be Gus Fring. She was ice cold throughout the two episodes. Kim is a driving force in molding the Saul Goodman we met in Breaking Bad so many years ago. A flashy car. The need for an office to be "a cathedral for justice." Now she's the one planting seeds.

From here, Kim goes full boss mode. She has a plan to settle the Sandpiper case and leave Howard "bruised, but still standing." The plan involves framing Howard to look like a coke addict. What a hell of a bruise.

Taking things up one notch further, Kim and Jimmy need the Kettleman family from way back in Season 1 to pull it off. When Jimmy can't properly convince them to get on board, Kim takes over -- "Ok. Enough Carrot." She brings out the stick and strikes hard.

better call saul kim

Boss mode, activated. | Photo: AMC Studios

We have to get through Season 6 to learn Kim Wexler's final fate. Early on in Better Call Saul, it seemed like she could be a bystander caught in a mess. Now it looks as though she's heading straight for it, arms open.