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Chicago Comedian of the Week: Blake Burkhart

Every week On Tap Sports Net will spotlight a local Chicagoland stand-up comedian. This week we chatted up Blake Burkhart.
Blake Burkhart Comedy

Photo: Laugh Factory/YouTube

It’s no secret that Chicago is a breeding ground for some of the biggest names in comedy. Immense talents from both the worlds of improv and stand-up have cut their teeth on our stages. But, were you aware that most comedians get good here then move to one of the coasts?

We here at On Tap Sports Net have decided it’s time to shine a spotlight on the local talent in hopes that with the support of you, dear reader, our all-stars stay in Chicago! New York and LA can develop their own. Chicago is a Triple-A city to nobody!

Comedian of the Week: Blake Burkhart

Blake's debut album, Atlantis, opened at #1 on the iTunes Comedy Charts! Blake is also one of the producers of Comedians You Should Know, the premier independently-run comedy show in the country. Seriously, not just in Chicago. Blake is a favorite at every club in the city, including The Comedy Bar, where you can catch him this weekend. Let's get to know Blake!

Getting to Know Blake Burkhart

What has been your favorite moment in comedy?

"The night we recorded my debut album (Atlantis) was a night I'll never forget. We did two shows and both were at capacity. My aunt and uncle came, my comedy friends, people from my past (including three ex-girlfriends haha), and a couple hundred strangers. I felt real "on" that night. Also, the production team, the opening acts, and everyone who works at Comedians You Should Know really helped me make the whole night perfect for an album recording. I'm very proud of how it turned out and now it's an album everyone can listen to that displays the early years of my comedy life."

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What is your favorite Chicago bar for a post-show hang?

"Aside from CYSK at Timothy O'Tooles (I'm biased because I co-ran the show for years)… High Dive is amazing. Great bar, great staff, and great food. The show is run by my favorite local comedians like Mike Meyers, Nate Burrows, Bekah Gibson, Dave Vagnetti, and more. It's a guaranteed good show at a great place with a great post-show hang."

You're a big UFC guy, what would be your dream matchup?

"This is tough. I'd have to say Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Georges St-Pierre. GSP is what got me (and I'm sure millions more) into the sport and Khabib is the most dominant fighter I've ever seen. Also, they're two of the coolest, pure-hearted, and most inspirational guys to ever do it."

What are you the 'Michael Jordan' of?

"Drinking White Claws and talking shit after shows."

Who or What inspired you into becoming a comedian?

"When I was really young it was watching stand-up on tv with my dad. Dave Chappelle and Sarah Silverman were the two that really made me wanna do it as I got older. Now, every great set I see from any comedian I see is inspiring."

You can follow Blake on Instagram and Twitter.

Be sure to check back every week as we continue to showcase the awesome comedy talent across Chicagoland! Last week our guest was Jeanie Doogan.