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Chicago Comedian of the Week: Calvin Evans

Every week On Tap Sports Net will spotlight a local Chicagoland stand-up comedian. This week we talk to Calvin Evans.
Chicago Comedian of the Week


It’s no secret that Chicago is a breeding ground for some of the biggest names in comedy. Immense talents from both the worlds of improv and stand-up have cut their teeth on our stages. But, were you aware that most comedians get good here then move to one of the coasts?

We here at On Tap Sports Net have decided it’s time to shine a spotlight on the local talent in hopes that with the support of you, dear reader, our all-stars stay in Chicago! New York and LA can develop their own. Chicago is a Triple-A city to nobody! This week, our spotlight is on Calvin Evans.

Comedian of the Week: Calvin Evans

Calvin Evans is a Chicago native who began his comedy career at the University of Illinois. He has appeared on ShamelessChicagoP.D., and has performed stand-up on Kevin Hart’s Comedy Central series, Hart of the City! Catch Calvin at Zanies or the Laugh Factory while you can still afford him!

Getting to Know Calvin Evans

What's your favorite moment in comedy?

My favorite moment in comedy came in 2020. The pandemic had seemingly ruined all the momentum I had worked to build the prior years and I believed this was gonna be the year everything came together. Instead, everything came to a halt and I was devastated. For months I was depressed but still found a way to do comedy on my own terms using social media. Then one day I got an email from a director that I had worked with in the past to film a half-hour special for Epix. Not only was I shocked but I was so ready. It had been one of my goals at the start of the year and here I was in the middle of a pandemic scratching a goal off my list. That half-hour is cemented in one of the worst periods in history and that makes 2020 not that bad. Go watch it,"

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If you could play on any Chicago sports team, which one and what position?

"If I could play for any Chicago team it would be the Bulls. I grew up watching the Bulls and got to see the Jordan Era and the D. Rose era. I always wanted to play SG for the Bulls but now I'd like to play PG just to have a bigger impact on the offense and give some of the lesser-known players some shine. Zach LaVine is great but he's shouldering a lot of the load unnecessarily. I could alleviate some of the offensive pressure... Seriously, I'm ready to play RIGHT NOW. "

What's your favorite post-show hangout spot in Chicago?

"I always like to hang out in the lobby, green room, or back of the show. That's the only time I get to interact with comics that I don't see regularly. That's the greatest show on earth before, during, and after any comedy show. I get to genuinely laugh with my peers organically and have real conversations."

What actress would you want to play the love interest in a movie about your life?

"In a story about my life, it would be an assorted cast of who's who actresses playing the various love interests in my life. I wish it was just one throughout the whole movie but it's complicated."

Who is the Michael Jordan of Comedy?

"Hands down, Dave Chappelle. He is the greatest comedian living or dead in my opinion. Just like MJ, he has drawn inspiration from the greats. Without them, there would be no him. Aside from comedy, he is a phenomenal orator and I don't think he gets enough credit for that. Dave Chappelle is important not only to comedy but in society because he has a way of making sense of the madness that is the world. I aspire to be at his level in my lifetime."

You can find Calvin on Twitter and on Instagram. You can also view more of his work on his website,

Be sure to check back every week as we continue to showcase the awesome comedy talent across Chicagoland! Last time we talked to Ed Towns.