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Chicago Comedian of the Week: Erica Nicole Clark

Every week On Tap Sports Net will spotlight a local Chicagoland stand-up comedian. This week we talk to Erica Nicole Clark.
Chicago Comedian of the Week


It’s no secret that Chicago is a breeding ground for some of the biggest names in comedy. Immense talents from both the worlds of improv and stand up have cut their teeth on our stages. But, were you aware that most comedians get good here then move to one of the coasts?

We here at On Tap Sports Net have decided it’s time to shine a spotlight on the local talent in hopes that with the support of you, dear reader, our all-stars stay in Chicago! New York and LA can develop their own. Chicago is a Triple-A city to nobody! This week we shine our spotlight on Erica Nicole Clark.

Comedian of the Week: Erica Nicole Clark

Erica is a staple at all of the big comedy clubs in Chicago. She’s opened for some of the biggest names in comedy and was selected by Kevin Hart himself to appear on Kevin Hart’s Comedy Central show, Hart of the City. Erica is a force on stage! She’s a great storyteller with an unapologetic approach. Despite growing up with a famous father, Erica has the rare ability to connect with any audience.

Erica's Stand-Up

Getting to Know Erica Nicole Clark

What has been your favorite moment in comedy?

"Having Hannibal [Buress] ask me to perform at his back to school show with a secret headliner, and finding out the secret headliner was [Dave] Chappelle."

Who are some of the comedians who have inspired you?

"Hands down Roseanne [Barr] was the most influential to me, then Eddie [Murphy], Chris [Rock], and [Dave] Chappelle. Recently, Bill Burr."

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Who is your favorite Chicago athlete, and why?

"[Scottie] Pippen. He was an asshole [and he] played with a chip on his shoulder but when he dunked on [Patrick] Ewing and told spike Lee to sit the fuck down, that is a top-three greatest moment in Chicago sports."

If you had your own sitcom, who plays your love interest?

"Gross, somebody so random that it would have to be funny. Someone real dorky yet hilarious. Someone like Sheldon from Big Bang."

What's your favorite Chicago venue to perform stand-up comedy?

"Laugh Factory. Pre-COVID, Saturday night at LF, doing all three shows to a packed crowd. There's no other place I would want to be."

You can follow Erica on Twitter @ComicEricaClark and Instagram @ericanicoleclark!

Be sure to check back every week as we continue to showcase the awesome comedy talent across Chicagoland! Last week we talked to Marty DeRosa.