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Chicago Comedian of the Week: Jeanie Doogan

Every week On Tap Sports Net will spotlight a local Chicagoland stand-up comedian. This week we connected with Jeanie Doogan.
Chicago Comedian of the Week


It’s no secret that Chicago is a breeding ground for some of the biggest names in comedy. Immense talents from both the worlds of improv and stand up have cut their teeth on our stages. But, were you aware that most comedians get good here then move to one of the coasts?

We here at On Tap Sports Net have decided it’s time to shine a spotlight on the local talent in hopes that with the support of you, dear reader, our all-stars stay in Chicago! New York and LA can develop their own. Chicago is a Triple-A city to nobody! This week, our spotlight is on Jeanie Doogan.

Comedian of the Week: Jeanie Doogan

Jeanie is a South Side of Chicago native who has been crushing the Chicago Comedy Scene for the last decade! She has an undeniable stage presence and the ability to relate to a wide range of people. Jeanie is also a regular at all the clubs and can be seen headlining Zanies in Old Town this weekend and Zanies in Rosemont April 1-3! Visit for tickets.

Getting to Know Jeanie Doogan

What has been your favorite moment in comedy?

"There are so many it's almost impossible to pick -- seeing my name in lights on the MGM Grand on the Las Vegas Strip, and wishing my parents could be there with me to see it, is definitely one of the tops. But, the MOST favorite is from almost 10 years ago -- myself and three other comedians drove to a cocktail lounge in some suburb and did a show for about 15 people. It was produced by a comedian, so while it wasn't a huge show it was run right with the focus on the comedy. It was one of those nights that was just magical. We all crushed sets, we cheered each other on, and we bonded through comedy and our love for it. There was John Hiatt's, "Cry Love," blaring on the car radio on the way home. It was a summer night and I think we all felt like anything was possible; we hadn't yet become jaded comics. We drove to a Saturday night open mic and we got out of the car and at once there was this instant of realizing that it was fleeting. We knew that once we went into the open mic, the spell would be broken. It was like a John Hughes movie without the million-dollar houses. That night has always stuck with me."

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What actor plays your husband in the sitcom about your life?

"Kevin James. Without a doubt, and he better be wearing a backward Kangol hat."

People like to say that they're the "Michael Jordan of blank", what is Jeanie Doogan the Michael Jordan of?

"Jeanie Doogan is the Michael Jordan of napping. I can nap for 4-6 hours in the middle of the day and be ready to get a full night of sleep by 11 PM. It's impressive. Some say I should've been a dog."

What is your favorite restaurant on your beloved South Side of Chicago?

"How can I narrow it to just one? If I had to pick only one, I'd say Open OutCry Brewing Company which has really amazing wood-fired pizza and a great vibe. It's the kind of place you just feel good going into. They have an amazing rooftop that overlooks Western Ave with fun, themed "cabins." My family always has a great time when we eat there."

Who or what inspired you to become a stand-up comedian?

"I was inspired growing up as the youngest of eight to be funny. Three of my siblings were very funny and everyone was always so busy, I noticed I got attention when I acted like a jerk and when I was funny. Eventually, I found out it was more rewarding to be funny. My parents always had Johnny Carson, Benny Hill, Carol Burnett, SNL, and SCTV on the television at night. Whether I was allowed to watch it with them or had to sneak watch it from the hallway, hearing them laugh after both working ten-hour days left an impression on me. I knew I wanted to do that someday."

Follow Jeanie on Twitter , Instagram, or visit her website.

Be sure to check back every week as we continue to showcase the awesome comedy talent across Chicagoland! Previously, we talked to Calvin Evans.