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David Koechner of 'The Office' and 'Anchorman' Arrested for DUI

David Koechner, actor on the Anchorman movies and the TV show The Office, was arrested for suspicion of DUI on New Year's Eve in Ventura County.
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Todd Packer David Koechner

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Apparently, actor David Koechner took the role of Todd Packer on 'The Office' a little too seriously.

Koechner was arrested on New Year's Eve 2021. The police were called about an erratic driver. The actor was taken into police custody for suspicion of drunk driving and allegedly hitting a street sign after failing a field sobriety test, per TMZ.

Everything about this screams Todd Packer. I looked up the Ventura County Sheriff's Office website to learn a little more about the arrest. The arrest was at 3:03 PM. That's when he finished failing his field sobriety test, mind you. To have been that wasted that early is exactly how you end up needing to have Ryan Howard drive you around in your Corvette.

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Koechner has a scheduled court date on March 30, 2022. At this time there is nothing posted on his website indicating any changes to his scheduled comedy tour.

In addition to Anchorman and The Office, he is also an alum of Saturday Night Live. Koechner also appeared in two failed USA remakes of other British sitcoms; The Inbetweeners, and Friday Night Dinner.

While I tried to find humor where I could, there's nothing funny about driving under the influence. Find another way home or wait it out. Most people who get DUIs don't get to go back to their comedy tours or acting gigs. They just become that asshole who can't drive without blowing their car. Save those lips for the robot uprising, you won't regret it.

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