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First Look: Raised By Wolves Season Two

This exciting new trailer for season two of the Sci-Fi elite show, Raised by Wolves, is dark yet illuminating.
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Photo: HBO Max

If you're a fan of brilliant science fiction like myself, then you undoubtedly already checked out "Raised by Wolves" on HBO Max. If not, what the hell are you waiting for? The superbly written first season is available in its entirety on the streaming service and it's worth every minute. Now, we have the first look at "Raised by Wolves" season two and it's a doozy.

Obviously, spoilers for season one ahead.

The Planet

The end of season one showed the audience a very brief glimpse of the other side of the planet. The characters had to flee in order to survive the desolate desert locale and the green pastures were enticing. The strangeness that is this planet is consistent in the trailer as we see several different locations. Could they possibly find something worse on the other side and are forced to return?


Picking up right where the first season left off, Mother is still absolutely terrifying. Her impulses are growing more uncontrollable as she alludes to in the trailer. She is going to evolve into the next phase of her being and it's not going to be pleasant to endure. She's seen lifting a big weapon and given her powers through her eyes, who knows what this weapon can do.

Father, on the other hand, looks like he's getting more rebellious. He was an extremely loyal android and followed his programming very closely. That is until he began questioning things he shouldn't have been.

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Raised By Wolves HBO Max

Photo: HBO Max

In the trailer, it looks like he's attempting to recreate an android body. I hope this doesn't mean the actor portraying Father will change because I really enjoyed Abubakar Salim. His performance was great and he'll soon be a household name.


What's left of the human race is a mess in this story. With literal face-swapping, people can pretend to be someone they aren't and it proves the severity of the underlying issues with humans. Oftentimes, humanity's biggest enemy is themselves and they aren't prepared to deal with that kind of problem. In the trailer, we see familiar humans and new ones. There is a masked "person" performing an odd form of torture and it's not clear what their intentions are.


The children are growing, naturally, and Mother tells Campion she ensures he'll reach his full potential. The trailer shows us that's who Mother is speaking to. Obviously, we know showrunners edit scenes to redirect our attention, but this seems pretty simple to me. Mother's only initial child to survive has to be special to her. She wants him to succeed but Campion is both intelligent and independent.

The other children shown also have a large role to play. It appears there are more people on this side of the planet and we don't know who or what they are. More heavily consequential moments will happen in Raised by Wolves season two and a large part of it will come from these kids.

My Final Thoughts

I loved season one of this show and I love Ridley Scott overall. The brilliant writing, visuals, storytelling, and compelling acting are unparalleled in the Sci-Fi genre. I think the trailer looks great. It gives us a very nice tease with the painting of the serpent on the egg after leaving us viewers with a thirst for so much more in the final moments of season one. The fight for humanity is upon us and the androids have a very powerful card in their deck.

The question becomes: what's next? Who will succeed in navigating the other side of this planet and will there even be any other humans left to squabble over religion anyway? I have no idea where this is going and I absolutely love that! Season two of "Raised By Wolves" streams only on HBO Max on February 3, 2022, and it's sure to be just as wild as the first season.

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