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The Do's And Don'ts of Friendsgiving

As with all parties, Friendsgiving has unwritten guidelines that everyone should follow as upstanding citizens of society.
Friendsgiving Do's and Don'ts

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Friendsgiving has become a staple amongst the current generation of young adults. It's a tradition to get together with your friends and enjoy an evening of food, drink, and fantastic times.

Thanksgiving is fine and dandy, but you are often surrounded by relatives you only see a couple of times a year. Enter Friendsgiving, which takes the best parts of Thanksgiving and integrates them with a group of people you have actively chosen to keep close along this journey we call life.

As with all parties, there are unwritten guidelines that everyone should follow as upstanding citizens of society. Friendsgiving is relatively new, so without further adieu, here are the do's and don'ts to ensure you enjoy yourself.


The host/hostess needs to plan seating, dishes, etc. Don't be the asshole that shows up without taking the 5 seconds to RSVP to the event.

DON'T: Show Up Empty-Handed

This goes without being said. The host/hostess probably spent a lot of time preparing the turkey. The very least you could do is bring a pack of rolls.

DO: Thank The Host/Hostess

As previously stated, a lot of time goes into hosting a Friendsgiving. Taking the two seconds to thank the host/hostess goes a long way. Extra points if you compliment the table decor; ladies obsess over the centerpiece.

DON'T: Cook/Prepare Your Entire Contribution At The Event

Again, the host/hostess probably is using the oven to cook the turkeys. Cook your contribution at home.

DO: Let The Host/Hostess Know If You Will Need To Use An Oven

If necessary, at least be courteous. Sometimes you do need to use the oven to heat up your dish. Just let the host/hostess know ahead of time.

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DON'T: Be The Drunkest Person There

I can say from personal experience, being the drunkest at the party is never a good look. Mix in a water, you won't regret it.

DO: Be The Second/Third/Fourth Drunkest Person There

Enjoy yourself; people only remember the person who had too much cider and is passed out on the couch.

DON'T: Ask For The AUX Chord

A playlist has been created, don't budge in to play 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'. It is Thanksgiving, not Christmas, after all.

DO: Bring A Sizable Portion Of Food

If needed, ask how many people are planning on being there. Don't show up with a portion of food that can hardly feed your cat or enough that would feed the entire country of Russia. Find a happy medium.

DON'T: Ask People How They Like Your Contribution

No one cares if this is your grandma's stuffing recipe from the 1930s. Let the food do the talking.

DO: Compliment Any Dish You Love

That being said, people love compliments. If you love something, say it. Who doesn't want to feel like Bobby Flay for a night?!?

DON'T: Get Seconds Until Everyone Has Eaten

Have some manners, you savage.

DO: Plan Transportation Home

Friendsgiving is a very fun time, but ensure you have logistically planned your route back to your bed. Don't drive drunk, get an Uber.

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