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Halloween 2020: The Best Pop Culture Costume Ideas

Here are some Halloween costume ideas for the crazy year that has been 2020.

Halloween is a favorite holiday for so many people. This year, having to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, it may be a little different. Trick-or-treating, bar crawling, and house parties may be restricted or even put on hold, but the day of Halloween will live on. It will live on in the same way Spirit Halloween stores do every year, by butting itself into vulnerable situations at the last second and selling a shit ton of merchandise.

Sure, people will buy trinkets and decorations, but the real money lies in the costumes. You’ll see a million Michael Meyers', Spider-Man's, and Ghost Faces from Scream, but 2020 is the year to pop culture the shit out of this holiday. So, unless you were that weird kid like me who decided to wear a Dick Cheney mask in second grade, stick around and take a look at what I think could be the best costumes of Halloween 2020. 

The Mandalorian and The Child

The Mandalorian is a DisneyPlus show that debuted in November of 2019, just missing the potential craze for Mando and Baby Yoda (The Child) costume sales. The show was a gargantuan success and the second season is ready to take off October 30, 2020. If that isn’t perfect timing, I don’t know what is. I think my guy @WhiteSoxMando might already have his costume picked out.


Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin

Tiger King swept the nation and gave the world some very strange comedic relief right in the middle of the government shut down. Everybody loved the mullet rockin’, country singin’, attempted murderin’, America’s sweetheart, Joe Exotic. Unfortunately, everyone hates that damn bitch, Carol Baskin. Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin make a perfect couples costume, or bring out your entire friend group and have the entire cast. If I’m invited, I want to be James Garretson. Between owning a strip club, being an FBI informant, and looking majestic as hell on a jet ski, it’s hard to go wrong with wanting to be James for Halloween. Who would you want to be? Let me know on Twitter @DaGerbs.

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Zoom Call

A handful of my friends were joking around about being a Zoom Call for Halloween and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a lot of them out there this year. I would have to imagine the entire costume is a DIY project, and who doesn’t love to play with power tools after a few garage beers? Make some sort of frame to have suspended in front of you like a computer screen, wear a suit jacket and tie on top, and basketball shorts and slides on the bottom like a business call. Not that I have ever done that before...

The Late Celebrities of 2020

This year has been tough in general with the Coronavirus, but the world lost so many idols we have looked up to. This year on Halloween I’m sure we will see a plethora of Kobe Bryant's, Eddie Van Halen's, Ruth Bader Ginsburg's, Chadwick Boseman's, Regis Philbin's, and many more. A beautiful ode to celebrities and athletes is seeing kids dress up and admire them every year for Halloween. I think it’s the adults' turn for paying respects and repping their heroes this year.



Doctors, Nurses, Patients, and Hazmat Suits

For a little fun this year, I’m sure the Halloween scene will be filled with a herculean amount of these costumes. Doctors, nurses, and patients, while in possible poor taste, will flood bars and parties. I think the hazmat suit is more of a comical costume and if you’re lucky, it may just work.  

I think the best looking costume on each and every one of you this year would be a mask and some hand sanitizer in your pockets. Beware and be safe, enjoy your Halloween, and if you decide to wear any of these, tweet me some pictures and tell me how much everyone loved them!