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Halo TV Series Episode 4: Homecoming Review

Homecoming provides some necessary backstory. But at what cost?
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Halo TV Series Paramount+ Master Chief Spartan 117

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The fourth episode of the Halo TV series on Paramount+ is probably the most boring episode yet. The show will quickly lose viewers if it keeps up the pacing of this episode and avoids the action Halo deserves. Nevertheless, Homecoming provides some necessary backstory. But at what cost?

*Warning Spoilers Ahead*

Halo Episode 4: Plot Recap

Kwan Ha and Soren

Soren is taking Kwan Ha back to the planet Madrigal where she hopes to resurrect her father's rebellion. They discover that her father's generals were all murdered except for one and Vinsher's soldiers find out she's returned. They hunt her down and scrap Soren's ship in the meantime.

When Kwan locates her aunt, an assassin tracks her there and attacks. She kills Kwan's aunt but Soren stops her from attacking Kwan. They escape and Kwan sets off to find the 'Mystics' people her aunt informed her of.

Master Chief, Doctor Halsey, Cortana, and Eradinus Two

When we left Master Chief in episode three, he and Doctor Halsey were leaving for the planet Eradinus Two. John's home is in the visions he's seeing and he believes the second artifact is located on this planet. They arrive on the planet and John reminisces with visions assisted by Cortana.

Halo TV Series Paramount+ Master Chief Cortana

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He reviews his childhood drawings and they discover the second artifact is in fact located on Eradinus Two. Master Chief also discovers that Doctor Halsey visited him before his parent's demise, sending him very mixed signals.

When they find the second artifact, Chief and Halsey locate it and will likely bring it back to Reach.

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Miranda Keyes, The Covenant, The Halo Ring, and Kai-125

Kai-125 saw Master Chief remove his emotion-control chip and she did the exact same thing. Now, she's seeing things differently, dying her hair, and communicating differently.

Miranda Keyes recruits the three Spartans to assist her with the Keystone. She instructs all of them to touch it individually so she can monitor what happens. Nothing does, of course, so she turns her attention toward the Sangheili language of the Covenant.

Halo TV Series Paramount+

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With the Spartan's help, Keyes discovers the Covenant discussing the Sacred Ring called Halo.

Consensus: It's Still Halo, Paramount+ Needs To Remind Us Of That

This episode was dull but critical for building this Halo story. For all the die-hard fans though, it's maddening how boring this show has been since the opening battle of episode one. If they don't pick up the pace soon, they will lose a lot of viewers.

Furthermore, the backstory really is pretty interesting. If this series is heading where I predict it is, then it's necessary to show all the buildup leading to the actual Halo ring. However, everything on Madrigal feels like filler and pointless new content. They'll connect it, somehow, to the ring and make it more important than it probably should be, but this isn't that intriguing from an overall standpoint.

The Halo TV show is getting dangerously close to becoming redundant and if they don't fix that problem in the next episode, then it will fail. We need action, faster pacing, and much more of the Covenant. I want to see some damn Grunts and Jackals already!


It's looking ever more likely that we won't see the actual Halo ring until season two. I'm standing by that prediction until it happens, but it doesn't feel right just yet. Master Chief and Doctor Halsey are going to use both artifacts to locate the ring and the Covenant is going to hijack whatever they discover to travel to the ring themselves.

Now that Kai-125 removed her emotional suppressor, we have two Spartans feeling for the first time since childhood. This is interesting, but where is this going? In Halo, Spartans are fighters and the leaders of the UNSC. Everyone falls in line behind them to survive the battles with the Covenant. It's unclear where Paramount+ is taking this particular part of the story but it better matter in the grand scheme of things.