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Halo TV Series Episode 8: Allegiance Review

The Spartan's Mjolnir armor weighs hundreds of pounds but Master Chief can hit it hard enough without breaking his hand?
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I've tried defending the Halo TV series on Paramount+ since its debut. I still enjoy the show and I'm willing to expand my imagination in order for certain things to make sense. However, the end of that positivity is coming quickly. Since the showrunners insist on rewriting an already incredible story and throwing in the useless filler, patience is waning.

If you're still watching Halo at this point, then you likely already know what problems the show has. You probably also have an idea of how they can be corrected. If you're a fan of Halo before the TV series, then this episode probably really pissed you off.

*Warning Spoilers Ahead*

Halo Episode 8: Plot Recap

In essence, the eighth episode of Halo is centered around the planet Reach, the UNSC, and how they move forward with the Keystones. Master Chief and Makee talk about the vision they shared several episodes ago and they begin a romance as well.

Basically, Master Chief believes that Makee is how the UNSC finds the Covenant planet and the Halo ring. He's sure that she can help them win the war and that makes her question him entirely.

Meanwhile, Miranda Keyes is hard at work trying to dissect the Covenant messages. She finally cracks the code and discovers that Makee was working with the Covenant the entire time.

Simultaneously, Admiral Parangosky orders Doctor Halsey removed from the planet. Before that can happen, Halsey hacks into the UNSC systems and disconnects communications. No one on the base can work and Halsey inserts herself directly into Makee's presence.

They talk and Halsey freaks Makee out. She plays the victim well and uses this as leverage later on. But Master Chief has a plan to use Makee with the Keystone. While en route, Halsey activates the other Spartans to stop Master Chief at all costs.

As Halsey is sending the Spartans after Master Chief, Cortana finally picks sides. Halsey instructs Cortana to shut Master Chief down but she refuses. Cortana leaves Halsey and assists Master Chief, informing him of the trap he's about to walk into.

The Spartans fight and Makee is attacked after narrowly escaping. She gets tased by one of the UNSC soldiers and it brings back memories of her childhood. She tells Parangosky, in Sangheili, that they will pay for this. Then Makee touches the Keystone, sending out a huge shock wave, and likely notifies the Covenant of where they're located.

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Allegiance Consensus

Did we really need a sex scene involving Master Chief? The answer is hell no. That was completely pointless and made me want to scream, but not in a good way. I'm trying to find the good throughout Halo because it's still so important to me. However, I'm struggling as the first season continues.

Why did the Spartans fight each other like that? Furthermore, why wasn't Master Chief wearing his armor? Paramount+ really had an armorless Master Chief fight two fully-armored Spartans. That was dumb and really aggravating.

Additionally, Master Chief fired a few shots at Vannak and damaged him. But apparently, Vannak isn't Spartan enough and his shields don't regenerate because Cortana informs Chief that it only takes a few more shots to remove Vannak's shield.

Um, what? Earlier in the series, we saw Master Chief take damage and then take cover. The iconic sound of a shield recharging echoes throughout and we see the Chief's HUD. If his shields recharge, why don't Vannaks? It simply doesn't make sense.

Cortana finally chose to help Master Chief and their complicated relationship continues to grow. I thought that was cool but it's still a bit odd that it took that long.

Makee sheds her fingernail sword right after she had the perfect opportunity to end John, only to give away her secret identity and touch the Keystone. Again, this didn't make sense. Why would she remove the energy sword and if they're going for love, then it really doesn't make sense. The romance between John and Makee is really cringeworthy.

Furthermore, the simple details of Spartans in Halo are so nearly forgotten it makes me wonder how qualified the showrunners are. Forget about bringing the game to life in a TV series. Did they even read the script for their own show? The Spartan's shield inconsistency really bothers me because it makes Master Chief more powerful than he is and that is just bad writing.

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The Spartan's Mjolnir armor weighs hundreds of pounds but Master Chief can hit it hard enough without breaking his hand? It's maddening and a wild discrepancy.


It's obvious now that Halo is setting up for a finale with the planet Reach crumbling. Makee triggered something when she touched the Keystone and the Covenant are likely on their way to Reach. They'll completely obliterate the planet, find the Keystone, and leave with nothing left.

Master Chief, Miranda Keyes, and maybe a few stragglers will escape the carnage and follow the Covenant to the Halo ring. The first season will end with them finding the ring, desperately trying to get to it before the Covenant do.