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New Trailer For Halo TV Series Brings More Master Chief and Release Date On Paramount+

Master Chief isn't playing around in the latest trailer for the new Halo TV series.
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Master Chief Halo TV Series Show Paramount+ Release Date

Photo: Paramount+

Is it really The Flood? The long-anticipated Halo TV series finally has a release date. Master Chief makes his Paramount+ debut on March 24, exclusively on the streaming service. The latest trailer can be seen below and it looks incredible. But is the real enemy from the first three Halo games actually the antagonist?

Confirmed Halo Characters

There are a ton of different characters that just got confirmed in the new trailer. The obvious inclusions were shown, such as:

  • Master Chief
  • Cortana
  • Doctor Catherine Halsey
  • Elites
  • Jackals

However, The Prophets and The Flood weren't exactly confirmed for this series. We didn't know a lot of details regarding not only when this story would take place but also how many characters we'd see because of that. If this show was going to center heavily around Reach, then it wouldn't make sense to include The Flood.

The scale of this trailer is superb. In the brief two-minute teaser, we see a lot and there's a great deal of surprise. There's everything from the Chief ripping a turret off its mount to what clearly looks like The Prophets pulling their strings.

Halo TV series Paramount+ Release Date The Prohets

The Prophets | Photo: Paramount+

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But we also see what looks very similar to The Flood. If this isn't the parasitic big-bad of the original Halo trilogy, then my best guess is Covenant Hunters before acquiring their armor and heavy weaponry. Although, I would be very surprised if this wasn't The Flood, but you can take a look for yourself.

Halo TV series Paramount+ The Flood

The Flood | Photo: Paramount+

Throughout the sequence, we see what looks like a new character walking through The Flood without any concern. I don't know who they are or what purpose they'll serve, but it seems like The Flood are willingly being controlled. This deviation is interesting and will likely connect directly to the UNSC General we see talking about trusting Master Chief.

Plot Details

The gist of the storyline was revealed in the trailer. Master Chief and the other Spartans shown are taken as kids and trained to be the best super-soldiers. The war between humanity and the Covenant has reached an explosive point but the Chief has other plans.

This show is taking some liberties with the details here. We can infer that the Covenant are being led by The Prophets' lies to find Halo and eradicate all sentient life in the galaxy. We also see Master Chief discover the rings more himself and get introduced to Cortana.

It appears the Halo TV series will take place before the original Halo: Combat Evolved. The changes Paramount+ has made, so far, look tolerable. I doubt fans want to see a word-for-word adaptation of the original Halo trilogy, so the fresh take on the story is interesting. This series is primed to be its own thing in the Halo universe and that's alright. It's better than no live-action adaptation at all.

The release date for Halo is set for March 24 only on Paramount+ and it can't come quick enough.