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HBO Max Cancels Raised By Wolves

Ridley Scott's incredible sci-fi drama has been canceled.
Raised by Wolves Season 2 HBO Max canceled cancelled

Photo: HBO Max

After two incredible seasons, HBO Max has canceled Raised By Wolves. The epic, hard sci-fi production by Ridley Scott was a breath of fresh air in the genre.

The show followed two androids as they fight to keep humanity alive without religious persecution. Mother, played by Amanda Collin, is a psychotic robot hellbent on protecting her "children". Father, played by Abubakar Salim, is a more level-headed robot who follows protocol.

Raised By Wolves blends horror aspects with science fiction, as most Ridley Scott productions tend to do. But with incredible writing, acting, and set design, comes the unmistakable presence of science fiction. Some viewers were likely turned off by this show towards the end of the first season.

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Near the end of the season, Mother "gives birth" to another child, only this one isn't exactly human. It's reptilian and inherits her flying abilities as well as her violent powers.

By the time season two rolls around, the serpent is growing and quickly becoming a real threat. This is the type of story in which one needs to expand their imagination in order to appreciate the incredible story and writing involved.

This aspect of Raised By Wolves likely led to lower viewers in 2022 and could have been the culprit behind HBO Max's decision to cancel it. Hopefully, another network chooses to revive Raised By Wolves for a third season and we see what happens after the serpent wreaks havoc.